3 Ways to Customize Your Brainshark Question Slides

3 Ways to Customize Your Brainshark Question Slides
July 2, 2013

Back in January, we featured a post written by our own Sandra Brooks that provided a fantastic overview for adding questions, polls, and surveys to Brainshark presentations.

In this post, I’d like to dig a little bit deeper and look at some of the ways you can get more out of your question slides with Brainshark On-Demand. The fact is, once you have added a question slide to your presentation, there are many ways to optimize and customize it, both functionally and aesthetically.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three options that can help customize your question slides for an enhanced viewer experience.


Question slide branching is the perfect way to tailor your content to each individual viewer, making their path through the presentation dependent on the answers they provide to each question.  As the author of the presentation, you can designate a branching rule for each possible answer to branch viewers to another slide in your presentation, an entirely different Brainshark presentation, or to an external website.

Here’s an example. Let’s say that you have created a marketing presentation, and posed the following question: “Which of the following products are you most interested in learning about?”

For this question slide, you have set up branching so that viewers who select answer A are branched to Slide 10 in your presentation, skipping slides one through nine because they don’t apply to the product the viewer is most interested in learning about. 

Viewers who select answer B are branched directly to a call to action on your website, since the product they were most interested in has a 30-day free trial that you want them to take advantage of. Finally, viewers who select answer C are branched to a different Brainshark presentation which takes a more detailed dive into the product that they are looking for.

To set up branching for a question slide in Brainshark On-Demand, edit the question, select the Question Properties tab, and then the Branching tab.



Another important way to enhance viewer experience is to add customized question feedback. You can elect to provide feedback based on whether the viewer answers the question correctly or incorrectly, or you could even designate unique feedback for each possible answer. This can be particularly valuable for providing viewers with further explanations or definitions that correspond to each answer. 

To add custom feedback to a question slide in Brainshark, edit the question, select the Question Properties tab, and select the Points and Feedback tab.  If you decide you don’t want to provide feedback, you can always select Hide feedback from viewer from this tab as well.


Background Image

The option to add a custom background image to any question slide enables presentation authors to take advantage of Brainshark’s question slide functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. Custom question backgrounds afford presentation authors the freedom to match question slides to the PowerPoint slides that make up the rest of their presentation. 

This can be accomplished by simply uploading one slide of your company’s corporate PowerPoint template to the Media Library in Brainshark, and then applying it to the question slides. This way, the entire piece of content has a cohesive, professional appearance.  

Custom background images also open the doors for creativity to design visually appealing, branded question slides.  For those who want to take it a step further, you can even change the font style, size and color, and rearrange the location of the question text, feedback and submit button to complement the question background image. Below is a before and after example that we created for our Sharkie Awards voting question slide.

To add a custom background image to any question slide in Brainshark, first upload the background to the Media Library, then edit the question slide, select the Question Properties tab, then the Background Image tab, and choose the desired background image from the list.


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