The Sales Enablement Content Path [Infographic]

The Sales Enablement Content Path [Infographic]
July 25, 2013

There’s no denying that quality content and sales enablement go hand-in-hand. The fact is, from the moment a new rep walks through the door, content plays a critical role in their productivity and effectiveness.

Think about it…

Employee onboarding requires training content and materials. So does continuous updates and just-in-time learning for existing reps. Then you have the resources required for effective demand generation and lead nurturing. And what about live meetings? It’s not like reps can just walk into a room with nothing to show their prospects.

For a quick glimpse at the different ways content impacts every step of the sales enablement process, check out the exclusive infographic below, and visit our What We Do page to learn more about using content to support your business communications. 


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