Take Advantage of the Latest Brainshark Features and Functionality

Take Advantage of the Latest Brainshark Features and Functionality
July 24, 2013

update-on-the-latest-brainshark-featuresIf you’re like many of our valued customers, you may have a set of favorite Brainshark features that you  learned about when you first came onboard.  That’s fantastic, but did you know that we upgrade our features and functionality every six weeks?

With each new release, our Product Management team writes a blog post breaking down what’s new (you can subscribe to our blog here so you don’t miss a thing). For now, let me give you a quick recap of some of the great new features and functionality updates that might have slipped under your radar.

Sales Enablement Portal
We recently introduced a new Sales Enablement Portal where sales reps, partners and others can quickly find the content they need for training and internal communications, as well as prepare and organize content for prospecting and customer communications. The portal is optimized for computers, tablets and smartphones for anytime, anywhere access.

Conditional Redirects
This new feature was introduced for Brainshark On-Demand about a year ago, and provides authors with the ability to create rules for their presentations. These rules will automatically redirect viewers to a designated version of the presentation based on the viewer's device and default browser language. 

Increased Upload Limit
In addition to adding new features, we have also made some updates to existing functionality. In May we increased the upload capacity from 200 MB to 500 MB for Brainshark On-Demand and SlideShark customers. You can now upload larger files (PowerPoint, video, documents, etc.) to both solutions.   

Royalty-Free Image Library
We have also added a new library of royalty-free images from Corbis. The library contains 500 free images that were carefully selected to help make your presentations more memorable.

Royalty-Free Audio Tracks
Finally, we recently added a new collection of royalty-free background audio that you can download and import into the media library of your company’s Brainshark site.

If you want to learn more about the latest Brainshark solutions and features, and how we can support you and your projects, please feel free to contact your account management team or our support team at support@brainshark.com.  

You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube, and – once again – subscribe to our Ideas Blog for access to all the latest information.  Also, don’t forget about our Help & Training Portal, which you can access from within your Brainshark site or directly from our homepage. 

No matter how you choose to keep up to date with the latest and greatest news and information about Brainshark, we are here to accommodate you!

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