What Marketers Are Saying About Sales Enablement

July 22, 2013 | Brendan Cournoyer
What Marketers Are Saying About Sales Enablement

what-marketing-are-saying-about-sales-enablementOur recent Sales Enablement eBook states that ultimately, it’s the responsibility of everyone at an organization to help enable sales teams to sell. And while that’s true, some business functions still have a more direct impact on sales effectiveness than others – and marketing definitely falls into that category.

If content is the key to increasing sales productivity, than it’s up to marketing to provide the resources and communications necessary to enable their reps. The good news is that more and more marketers these days are taking a step back to consider the entire sales enablement picture and how it fits into their overall efforts.

Want proof? Below are five insightful articles by marketers from around the web, each taking a unique look at marketing’s effect on the sales enablement process.

My Definition of Sales Enablement (Heinz Marketing)
“You could easily argue that generating sales-qualified leads is itself sales enablement… But we all know it goes well beyond that,” says marketing thought leader Matt Heinz, who writes that sales enablement is really more of a guiding principle for B2Bs in this post.

How to Use Content for Sales Enablement, Lead Nurturing and Retention (Marketo)
Content marketing manager Caroline Watts explains that while content is a powerful lead generation tool, marketers should also understand how different resources can be used effectively further down the sales funnel.

Who Should Be Responsible for Sales Enablement Content? (Selling Power Blog)
How can sales and marketing work together to create truly valuable selling resources? B2B marketing expert Jeff Ogden takes a look at where the best sales enablement content comes from in this post.

Create Content that Helps Sales Reps Sell (B2B Marketing Directions)
In the second of this three-part series, marketing strategist G. David Dodd breaks down the content responsibilities of B2B marketers, with details on the “different flavors” of sales enablement content resources.

Why Asking Sales Reps What They Want Is NOT Sales Enablement (MarketingProfs)
“Sales reps are not marketing experts. They have no idea of the scope of creativity that you can produce,” says marketing writer Jennifer Robinson. In this article, she offers some tips for providing salespeople with the resources they truly need.

For additional sales enablement tips and ideas, check out the resources below, and visit our What We Do page to learn how Brainshark solutions help companies develop and share content for sales enablement. 

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