Brainshark Launches Customer Experience Group to Help Clients Succeed

Brainshark Launches Customer Experience Group to Help Clients Succeed
June 14, 2013

brainshark-launches-customer-experience-groupI recently read a great article in the McKinsey Quarterly called Givers Take All by Adam Grant.  The article discusses a team of Harvard psychologists that studied the U.S. intelligence system to determine what makes a unit effective.

They studied 64 groups and ranked them from best to worst based on a comprehensive list of factors that drive effectiveness.  What they found was that the single most important factor driving the effectiveness of a given unit was not even one they had considered important enough to be on their list:  the amount of help and support the members of the unit gave to each other. The highest performing teams invested extensive time and energy in coaching, teaching and consulting with their colleagues.

Brainshark has always taken customer service seriously. The nature of the SaaS model is that products evolve over time and not every customer has all the resources at their fingertips to evolve with it. There are communication needs, training needs and coaching needs that must be met. 

As a company, we understand that our success is linked to the success of our customers, and it’s our responsibility to give them the tools, information and support they need. So we have launched a new group whose mission is to do just that – The Customer Experience Group.  Our objective is to make sure that our clients have the information, support and coaching they need to use our platform and products to their advantage.

The role of a Customer Experience Manager (CEM) is to become intimately familiar with the behaviors, needs, objectives and wishes of the customers they are assigned.  We join with our customers to understand their challenges, conditions, culture and resource limitations.  In doing so, we can make strategic and tactical recommendations that save customers time and money, and increase the likelihood that they will produce and deliver quality communications and messaging.  Each CEM is an expert in sharing best practices in a variety of Brainshark use cases to help customers get better results faster. We understand the bottom line, but on a daily basis we measure our impact by customer smiles and displays of satisfaction.

Brainshark believes that we have to invest in our client’s success and so this group is not a fee-for-service organization.  In the world of communications and technology, we realize that the only constant is change and it is our role to give our clients the tools and support to succeed as they integrate our platform into their business practices. 

We give time, thought, advice, information, support and guidance.  What we get back is the trust of a partner, that together we can accomplish anything.

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