How to Save Time with Brainshark's Merge Content Feature

How to Save Time with Brainshark's Merge Content Feature
June 27, 2013
When creating video content for your organization, sometimes it makes sense to simply repurpose parts of existing presentations rather than starting completely from scratch.

Take video marketing, for example. Sometimes a video presentation is created with a particular audience in mind, but then needs to be adapted to suit other audiences as well. In these cases, the core message of the presentation is fine, with only minor alterations needed to tailor it to the new persona. 

Of course, similar situations arise with presentations for training, prospecting, HR communications – anything, really. In scenarios like these, it’s far easier (and more efficient) to repurpose existing content, by splicing together or removing segments of relevant presentations.

While it can be very time consuming to make these types of edits with most video software, it’s incredibly easy with Brainshark On-Demand. With the Merge Content feature, presentation authors can effortlessly repurpose slides images, audio files, and attachments from existing presentation to efficiently create new ones without the hassle of complicated video editing.

Here’s how it works:

1. First, upload the cover slide for your new presentation in Brainshark. If you’re planning to repurpose a cover slide from an existing presentation, then just upload a blank PowerPoint slide as a placeholder to create the ‘shell’ for the new presentation.

2. Enter the Edit mode for the new presentation, and select Merge Content from the Things You Can Do menu on the left side of the screen.


3. Once on the Merge Content screen, you will see the slides in your current presentation displayed in the right column. A second column on the left will change to reflect the presentation from which you will be merging content. You’ll also see a Search for Presentation button directly above the left column.


4. Click the Search for Presentation button, and select the presentation from your authoring catalog from which you would like to merge content assets (such as slide images, audio files, and attachments).

5. Then, using the blue buttons located between the two columns, merge slide assets from the existing presentation to the new presentation. To copy both the slide content (PowerPoint images, etc.), as well as the audio for that slide to your new presentation, simply select the slide you would like to copy from the left column, then select the place in the right column where you would like the copied slides to be added, and click the Copy button.

6. To replace a PowerPoint slide image in your new presentation with a preexisting slide image, again select the slide from which you would like to copy from the left column, then select the slide in the right column which you would like to replace, and click the Image button.

7. The same process applies for replacing audio files and attachments by clicking their respective buttons.

8. Once you’re finished merging and are satisfied with your presentation (in the column on the right) make sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

You have now successfully created a new presentation by repurposing existing PowerPoint slides and audio, without impacting the original presentation.

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