Microsoft Announces Office for iPhone: Considerations for SlideShark Users

June 17, 2013 | Andy Zimmerman
Microsoft Announces Office for iPhone: Considerations for SlideShark Users

Microsoft Announces Office for iPhone: Considerations for SlideShark UsersThe mobile business productivity space continues to expand!  On Friday, June 14th, Microsoft launched Office Mobile for the iPhone, an app that allows you to view, create or edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents and view or edit (at a very basic level) PowerPoint files on the iPhone.  The app is free but available only to existing Microsoft Office 365 subscribers.    

With this product announcement, Microsoft recognizes that PowerPoint continues to be the dominant presentation tool in the market and that business professionals do not want to be tied to their laptops when using it.  With smartphones always within reach, users want their documents to be accessible via mobile too.  Microsoft is addressing this need – at least to some degree – and in doing so, helping to make PowerPoint even more ubiquitous.

While Office users should be excited about Microsoft finally making a version of Office available on an iOS device, the Office 365 subscription requirement, functional limitations and lack of support for the iPad seem to have tempered some of the enthusiasm.  But if you are an Office 365 subscriber and SkyDrive user, then it could make sense to use the app for quick access to docs while on the go and take advantage of the lightweight editing capabilities. 

The new Office for iPhone, however, is not a viable alternative to SlideShark.  That being said, it can certainly be used when you want to make a few quick edits to a PowerPoint, save it to SkyDrive, then pull it into SlideShark to show and share it.  At Brainshark, we recognize and appreciate the importance and prevalence of PowerPoint, and SlideShark is complementary to PowerPoint – not a replacement for it. 

A design principle we’ve stuck to since day 1 is that SlideShark should serve as “a presenter’s best friend.” To that end, we’ve consistently added numerous features to the product – such as Presenter Mode, broadcasting, annotations, slide sharing, multi-vendor cloud storage integration and more.  SlideShark has become indispensable for those who need to conduct effective sales conversations or presentations supported by PowerPoint content.  Our app provides a robust solution for mobile professionals to better prepare for meetings, present more effectively during those meetings, and then follow up after meetings by sharing links to online versions of their presentations and tracking the viewing results.

In addition, for organizations with teams of presenters – such as sales teams – SlideShark is a unique and powerful content distribution, control and reporting system. SlideShark Team Edition, the multi-user version of SlideShark, is used to manage and distribute PowerPoint content securely via the cloud, provide permission-based access to presentations, and gather valuable insight and analytics on how the content is being used in the field.

Brainshark is committed to continually introducing even more new and innovative features for businesses, presenters and PowerPoint users – including Office 365 users and the much larger base of desktop Office users.  We encourage and welcome your feedback on SlideShark and our other products, our vision and the recent Microsoft announcement!

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