3 Ways to Promote Brainshark Throughout Your Organization

3 Ways to Promote Brainshark Throughout Your Organization
June 3, 2013

promote-brainshark-throughout-your-organizationWe are not always aware of it, but there are many things we underutilize in our daily lives.

There’s that decked-out V8 SUV that seats 12 and can pull a boat, yet you only drive it to work and to get groceries.  Or what about that nifty spreadsheet application called Excel? If you only use it to create mailing lists, then you’re only scratching the surface of what it can do. And let’s not even get started on your smartphone!

Brainshark is no different. While many of our customers choose Brainshark to fill a specific need, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that you are working with a robust, full-featured enterprise platform.

Well, we are here to help bring the big picture back into focus. There are many uses for Brainshark across the enterprise: sales enablement, demand generation, corporate training, HR communications – the list goes on. 

But knowing about these other uses is only half the battle. The bigger challenge involves knowing how to get the word out to everyone else who could benefit from Brainshark. Here are a few ways to help spread the word about Brainshark at your organization.

Put Shark on the menu

Setup a ‘lunch and learn’ with folks from other departments that could benefit from using Brainshark. Order lunch, snacks, or brown bag it! Tell your personal story with Brainshark, and what it has done for you. Show examples of your hard work or, if you want a different voice at the table, check in with your Account Manager or Customer Experience Manager and have an expert from Brainshark speak at your event!

Avoid rocket science

A good rule of thumb when showing off a new product or tool? Keep it simple. Make it relatable.  Promote best practices. Show your guests how easily they can use Brainshark to create an internal announcement about the company softball tournament. Show them how simple it is to share a Brainshark via email. If you can eliminate the fear factor of learning something new, the likelihood of adoption grows quickly!

Let the games begin

A little friendly competition can be fun while spreading the word. Have teams from across the company create a Brainshark and submit it in a competition (with criteria like funniest, best use of audio, and so on). Offer prizes and PR glory to the winners. We do it every year with our customers at the Sharkie Awards. Who knows? The next Sharkie Award winner could be sitting in your office as we speak!

These are just a few suggestions on how you can let your colleagues know what Brainshark can do for them! For more suggestions or ideas, contact us. You can also check out these helpful resources:

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