Updating Your Social Channels Following a Product Launch or Rebranding

Updating Your Social Channels Following a Product Launch or Rebranding
June 7, 2013

Following two recent product launches here at Brainshark, our Senior Director of Product and Content Marketing, Paula Crerar, shared some tools and resources for a successful product launch.  As Paula highlights in her post, there are many crucial elements to a successful product launch including planning, execution and post launch promotion. 

One important piece of any major product launch or rebranding is ensuring that your social media profiles align with the new messaging. Whether you’re introducing an entirely new offering to your product line, adding functionality to existing products or altering the focus of your company’s brand, it’s essential that your social media presence is accurate and up to date.

Here are a few tips and resources for updating your brand’s social presence following a product launch or rebranding, as well as a checklist to help organize the process.

Updating graphics

With the growing emphasis on visual content, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, are offering more options to brand social channels with graphics – most often in the form of background and banner images. 


Frequently, brands visually represent their products on their social channels or include their company tag line in these graphics. With this in mind, it is essential to update those graphics following a product launch. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Do the graphics on your social profiles include product information that is out of date?

  • Are the functionality updates from the latest product launch reflected in your social profile graphics?  For instance, did the launch extend functionality to an additional mobile device? If so, make sure that this device is represented in your graphics.

  • Did your latest product launch or rebranding impact your company tag line, perhaps as a result of extended product offerings or repositioning?

  • Have your company’s colors or font changed? If so, make sure that these are both reflected in the updated graphics so your social profiles will stay consistent with your website.

Obviously, a major release or rebranding initiative makes updating your social channel graphics imperative, but this may also serve as a perfect opportunity for a larger redesign of these graphics if you haven’t done so in a while.  This will help freshen up your channels, so don’t be afraid to get creative while staying true to your brand’s colors and theme. 

Finally, before you begin designing new graphics, make sure to familiarize yourself with the dimension and pixel requirements for each channel’s graphics to avoid having to resize them later.  This cheat sheet  from HubSpot is a great one-stop-shop for finding dimension and pixel requirements for some of the most prominent social platforms.  On a similar note, social platforms are continually evolving, so it’s also a good idea to brush up on the latest design and layout updates from each platform before you begin. New layouts may lend additional branding opportunities as was the case with the most recent YouTube updates.

Updating copy

In addition to graphical representation, most social platforms also offer an About section where brands can provide a text overview of the company.  Following a product launch or rebranding, it’s important to review the About section on each of your social channels to ensure that it is still relevant.

Look for areas where messaging may need to be added, omitted, or rephrased to accurately reflect your latest product offerings and overall company stance. The About section should be brief, and should always include a link back to a relevant page of your website since the primary goal of any brand’s social media presence is to create awareness, and ultimately drive viewers back to important pages. While it’s important for the About section to be succinct, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when updating copy on your social channels – draw from your website’s “About Us” or “What We Do” section to save yourself some time, and also to ensure that consistent messaging is portrayed across all your web presences.    

Though a brief company overview is appropriate for most social channels, LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to elaborate on your product offerings on individual product pages, which are located under the site’s Products & Services section (below).  For these pages, again, draw from the product messaging on your website. 


Updating video content

Some social channels, like LinkedIn and of course YouTube, offer the option to showcase your product offerings through video. Following a product launch or rebranding, you’ll want to give your video content a close review to verify that both the visual and audio components reflect the latest from your messaging.  Depending on the degree of change introduced, some videos will need to be revised entirely, while others may only need a supplementary section. 

With LinkedIn, video content can be pulled in from YouTube to display on the left side of the individual product pages. This can be updated by simply selecting the updated video from your YouTube channel,  which means you will need to make any necessary updates to that channel first.

The YouTube annotations feature is a helpful tool for updating video content on your channel. Annotations afford you the freedom to retain previously published videos, and link viewers to their most recent versions to let them know about the latest from release.


The YouTube trailer video is another important element to review at this time. Since the trailer video is featured front and center on the non-subscriber view of YouTube channels, this video is your brand’s first opportunity to engage visitors. With that in mind, it’s best to feature a fully updated video in this location, rather than relying on annotations.  

Regardless of whether you’re updating videos on LinkedIn or YouTube, if you originally created your content using Brainshark On-Demand, updating is as simple as one click of the Publish to YouTube button, and your most up-to-date video content can be added to your YouTube channel.

Approach your next product launch or rebranding with a strategic, organized method for updating your social channels to ensure a consistent, accurate presence across the web. To help organize your efforts, download this checklist

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