Beyond PowerPoint: Creating Multimedia Presentations with a Variety of Brainshark Slide Types

Beyond PowerPoint: Creating Multimedia Presentations with a Variety of Brainshark Slide Types
March 29, 2013
With over 100 million Americans watching online video each day, it’s clear that video content is a hot commodity.  Creating high-quality video content doesn’t have to be a hassle, in fact with Brainshark, it’s as easy as uploading PowerPoint slides and recording your voice.  But it doesn’t have to stop there!

In addition to giving you the ability to transform your PowerPoint slides into voice-enriched video presentations, Brainshark also offers four supplementary slide types that can be added to any Brainshark presentation to create a dynamic, engaging and interactive viewing experience for your audience.  Let’s take a look at the capabilities of each slide type, and the value of adding them to your presentations.

Video Slide

When designing any communication, it’s important to keep the flow of the presentation in mind, and vary your content in both duration and style. Incorporating a video is an excellent way to add variety to your presentations and better engage your audience. Your video could consist of anything from a brief message from your CEO to a video of someone using your product.

Another popular video type that can be a valuable complement to the PowerPoint slides in your presentation is a screen capture recording.  These can serve as an efficient way to demonstrate how to use a new software tool or navigate a new website.

Whether you decide to incorporate a video clip or a screen capture recording, both can be easily added to Brainshark by simply selecting Add Slides > Add Video Slide from the Things You Can Do menu within the edit mode of your Brainshark presentation.

using brainshark slide types 

URL Slide

With many communications, it’s often valuable to include a link to additional web resources, or perhaps a link to a registration form as a call to action.  Sure, you could include those links on your final slide as hyperlinks, but consider how much more impactful those webpages and forms could be if they were incorporated within the flow of your presentation.

With Brainshark URL slides, you can integrate live websites into your presentation, and your viewers can navigate around the webpage and fill out web forms for a more interactive viewing experience. What’s also great about URL slides is that they allow your viewers to access external resources without ever leaving the Brainshark player window. This way, you can avoid the hassles of pop-up windows, and can be more certain that your viewers will stick with your presentation for the entirety, rather than getting lost in a maze of additional windows. To add a URL slide to your presentation, select Add Slides > Add URL Slide from the Things You Can Do menu.

using URL slides

Document Slide

Along with web resources, supplementary documents can also be a valuable addition to your presentations, especially if you have information-laden, official documents that cannot be easily adapted as PowerPoint slides.

Rather than sending these documents as email attachments and relying on your audience to interpret them on their own, you can simply add them to your presentation as document slides for viewers to peruse right within the Brainshark player window as your audio explains the document.  In addition to the document being added to your presentation’s slide sequence, an icon is also added to the lower left corner of the Brainshark player window which enables viewers to download and print the complete document if they wish.To add a document slide to your presentation, select Add Slides > Add Document Slide from the Things You Can Do menu.

 Using Brainshark Slide Types

Question Slide

Whether you’re creating a presentation for marketing, sales, training, human resources, or anything in between, most communications can benefit from an interactive element to engage the audience, and to collect valuable information from your viewers.

Brainshark offers a full suite of fifteen question types to turn your presentation into an interactive, multi-media communication. When creating training video presentations to prepare your team to sell or represent your product, you can add question slides to test their comprehension of concepts and messaging. For marketing and sales presentations, question slides can be used to collect feedback and gauge audience interest so you can prioritize follow-up and advance the conversation.

To add a question slide to your presentation, select Add a Question from the Things You Can Do menu, and select the question type that best suits your need from our catalog.  Brainshark questions also include a variety of options for customization, including custom feedback, response-based branching to specific slides, websites and other presentations, as well as custom background images for question slides. 

using brainshark slide types

Give your next video presentation a leg up on the competition by incorporating these specialized slide types. Complement your PowerPoint content with dynamic and interactive elements to engage your audience, and boost the effectiveness of your communication. 

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