Sales Team Enablement Content: Advancing the Conversation

Sales Team Enablement Content: Advancing the Conversation
March 11, 2013

This is the last in a three-part series on using content to power sales enablement.

Part 1: Prepare | Part 2: Engage | Part 3: Advance

sales-team-enablement-contentSo your sales reps are fully-trained, prepared and armed with the resources they need to communicate effectively with prospects – now what? The next steps in the sales enablement process are varied, but they are all designed around one goal – to advance the conversation to the point of sale.

For example, follow-ups are an integral part of any sales routine, but these communications can often be improved. “Can you send me those slides later?” is a common questioned heard after a productive sales presentation, but what if reps could more easily share presentation content and other resources with prospects before leaving the meeting?

Salespeople often write email follow-ups to prospects summarizing a previous conversation, but if they could easily create personalized video presentations specifically for those customers instead, wouldn’t that have a greater impact?

Tracking & Analytics

Of course, sales effectiveness involves more than just the ability to create and share content with prospects after a meeting; it’s about doing so in a smarter, more-informed way. To this end, data analytics become an extremely important tool for sales enablement, as the data gained from sales content can help reps learn more about their audience’s needs, behavior and levels of interest.

For example:

  • Reps can not only share PowerPoint slides following a presentation, but with the proper tools, also monitor how prospects are engaging with them after the fact. This can include data such as how many times a presentation has been opened and by whom, which specific slides have been viewed, and when they were looked at.

  • Video presentations can also be tracked to gather even more detailed viewing behavior. Rather than simply knowing that a piece of content has been looked at, video analytics can tell you how long the person watched for, how many times they watched it, and when (and sometimes even where) they viewed it from.

Information like this can help reps make better decisions with their follow-up activities, as it enables them to gather more information about which prospects have the highest level of interest, and therefore represent the best opportunities to pursue. 

Perhaps most importantly, data like this can also be used to make more timely follow-ups. Studies show that response time has a major impact on sales effectiveness, as the chances of qualifying a lead decrease exponentially only one hour after they are first captured via a web form.

While this stage of sales enablement has reps already dealing with prospects, the takeaway is that the most effective follow-up communications happen while your business is at the top of a potential customer’s mind. With content analytics, reps can actually be notified the moment someone views a video or PowerPoint presentation, allowing them to take more timely action.

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