SlideShark 3.0 – Broadcasting & Annotation: Present Beyond Office Walls

March 26, 2013 | David Klein
SlideShark 3.0 – Broadcasting & Annotation: Present Beyond Office Walls

You’re walking into a prospective client meeting, brimming with confidence because you have your iPad under your arm (loaded up with SlideShark), your iPhone at your side (the perfect SlideShark remote) and a keen focus on closing this deal.

And then you hear those fateful words, “we just need to dial a few people in.”

Oh no! Present to remote meeting attendees from your iPad? Your mind races and you envision having to email your deck to them knowing full well they will flip ahead and you’ll lose control of the meeting before it even starts!

Enter SlideShark 3.0 -- with Broadcasting -- possibly our greatest app release yet (since SlideShark 2.0, of course)!  SlideShark 3.0’s new Broadcasting feature lets you present live to your remote audience and in-person attendees too – right from your iPad (or iPhone or iPod touch)! With today’s update, you can now present to the group in the conference room and allow Rosalie in Roslindale, Hubert in Hungary or anyone else you’d like to follow along over the Web!  Oh, and if that’s not enough, this release also includes the oft-requested annotation capability…and even your annotations can be broadcast too!


Broadcasting enables you to present your slides from your iOS device to remote and in-person attendees via a Web link. Every registered SlideShark user has a unique Broadcast URL: And you can set a specific security code for each meeting to control access.

Because your slides can be seen over the Web, your attendees can join your meeting from any Internet-connected device: smartphones, PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets.

Broadcasting is easy. Simply tap on the Broadcasting icon and enter your meeting information:

  • Meeting Name  -- Assigning a unique name to each meeting will come in handy when you review attendee and usage reports.

  • Security Code -- Adding an optional security code prevents eavesdroppers.

  • Welcome Note --  This is great place to include dial-in information.  

Invite your guests by tapping the envelope icon on the meeting screen and a pre-filled email will pop up (it will automatically include your personal URL). The email will be sent using your device’s native email client so you can pull from existing contacts and distribution lists.

Since your personal URL never changes (unless you change your username), you can distribute it in advance of the meeting.  If you ever choose to change your username (in the app under Settings or from within your web account), this change will automatically be reflected with an updated Broadcast URL.  There’s also a “Join a Broadcast” button on the website too that people can use to join your meeting.

SlideShark Broadcasting PowerPoint iPad

When your guests arrive (sounds fancy, huh?), they’ll fill out a guestbook with their name, email address and security code (if required).  These details will appear in your Broadcasting activity report sent to you after the meeting.

Ready to broadcast? Just tap Start Broadcasting, and your attendees will be able to see any presentation you play.

Attendees can follow along with your live broadcast – on any device – but they’ll only see your slides, not your catalog, notes, slide thumbnails, or any other part of the SlideShark app.  You’ll be alerted of their entrance and exit. And you’ll see the attendee count adjacent to the broadcast icon on the nav bar.

End the meeting by tapping Stop Broadcasting. Your attendees will no longer be able to see your presentation. After the meeting concludes, check your inbox for the broadcast activity email. This report details all of the content you’ve presented, the length of time and order of the slides shown, and a list of the remote attendees.  This is a perfect reminder of what slides were most discussed to use for future follow up.

  • The SlideShark Broadcasting feature is available in SlideShark PRO and SlideShark Team Edition, and for a limited time all individual plans (Free and PLUS). SlideShark PRO (formerly known as SlideShark PLUS 1GB) includes 1GB of storage, presentation tracking and broadcasting to up to 10 attendees per meeting.  Team Edition is geared for multiple users that need managed access to shared content and includes 5 GB of storage, presentation tracking and broadcasting to up to 25 attendees per meeting. Now through June 15, 2013, SlideShark users with Free Individual plans or SlideShark PLUS (500 MB) can broadcast to up to 3 attendees per meeting.  Try it out now before it’s too late! (To find out more, compare SlideShark plans.)

    SlideShark 3.0 may sound too good to be true! But we didn’t stop there…


    We are constantly hearing from happy SlideShark users who have ideas for new features. One feature that has been a popular request is Annotation – the ability to draw on and highlight slides to focus your audience’s attention on key elements of content. SlideShark 3.0 now has it! You can choose from six different colors and three thicknesses; erase sections, as well as the entire drawing; and even save your annotations for reference and/or future use.  Annotations are also visible in real-time if you’re broadcasting your presentation over the Web!

    Laser Pointer in the iPhone Remote

    In this release, we’ve added more functionality to the iPhone too. You can now use your iPhone (or iPod touch) to navigate through the slides projected from your iPad, and long-tap to display the laser pointer too!

    More Cloud Providers

    We are big believers in the utility that Cloud Storage adds to all apps – especially SlideShark! Having your presentations available wherever you are gives you easy, instant access to your most current content. We’ve added Microsoft SkyDrive to the list of cloud storage providers from which you can import your files. The other cloud-to-cloud integrations include Box, Dropbox, EMC’s Syncplicity and Google Drive.

    SlideShark Broadcasting PowerPoint iPad

    Our guiding principle for SlideShark is to be “a presenter’s best friend.” Every day we hear from SlideShark users about how much they love SlideShark, and we incorporate your feedback into our product roadmap. We are very proud of the effort put into making this release an even-more valuable addition to your presenter toolset.  I would like to not only thank the team here at Brainshark for their diligence and hard work, but also our community of users for the insight and feedback they give that keeps our innovation momentum going.

    We hope that you enjoy this latest version of SlideShark. If you have a chance to post a review to the AppStore, we would greatly appreciate it. If you find issues or have questions, get in touch with our Support Team directly. They’re always ready to help.

    As always, enjoy SlideShark and keep those requests coming!

    Senior Product Director 

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