3 Ways to Upload Your PowerPoint Presentations to SlideShark

March 19, 2013 | Erica Zahka
3 Ways to Upload Your PowerPoint Presentations to SlideShark

As the #1 app for viewing PowerPoint on the iPad and iPhone, it’s clear that our users love SlideShark. We appreciate the love – and love you all right back! – and want to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all that SlideShark has to offer in order to maximize your productivity. 

For example – uploading.  There’s more than one way to upload your PowerPoint presentations to SlideShark. Here are three ways to add your slides to your SlideShark account.

#1. From your email. If you have your PowerPoint presentation in an email attachment, open the iPad’s email client to access your email, and then tap the PowerPoint attachment. As long as your PowerPoint attachment is in .ppt, .pptx, .pps or.ppsx format, you will be able to select “SlideShark” from the iPad’s Open in menu to upload the presentation to your SlideShark account.

Once the upload is complete, the presentation will appear in your SlideShark app with a blue download button. Just tap this button and your presentation will be downloaded to your device, and ready to present from the SlideShark app.

#2. From your cloud storage providers. If you use a cloud storage provider such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or Syncplicity to store your PowerPoint presentations, you can import your slides directly to your SlideShark account with a simple sync.

Here’s how it works. Use SlideShark’s cloud connector by tapping the cloud icon in the lower left corner of the SlideShark app and selecting the cloud storage account you wish to connect with. When prompted, log into your cloud storage account and select the PowerPoint presentation that you would like to add to your SlideShark account. Finally, from within the SlideShark app, tap the presentation’s blue download button to download the presentation to your device for presenting.

uploading to SlideShark

#3. From a desktop or laptop: If your PowerPoint presentation is saved on your desktop or laptop computer, you have the option to upload it directly to the SlideShark cloud by logging into your SlideShark account from SlideShark.com.

First, log in to your account from the SlideShark website, click the orange Upload button, and select the PowerPoint presentation that you wish to upload. Once the presentation is uploaded to your SlideShark account, open the SlideShark app on your iPad and you will see your presentation available.  Just tap the blue download button to download the presentation to your SlideShark app and begin presenting.

Take advantage of SlideShark and maximize your productivity! Consider where you are, where your slides are located and then choose the most efficient method of uploading your PowerPoint presentations to your SlideShark account.  Then you’ll be ready to present –anytime,  anywhere – with no wireless connection necessary!

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