Tracking Your Brainshark Presentations: When to Use the Guest Book and How to Optimize It

Tracking Your Brainshark Presentations: When to Use the Guest Book and How to Optimize It
March 5, 2013

Tracking who views your Brainshark Presentation is often a key element of measuring its impact and success. There are many ways to identify who views your presentations. These include having the viewer:

1) Fill out a Guest Book

2) Log-in to their Brainshark site with a username and password

3) Launch a presentation from a Learning Management System

4) Distribute a link through a customer relationship management system, such as or Microsoft Dynamics or a marketing automation system, such as Eloqua or Marketo

5) Add a tracking code to the end of the URL when sending an individual or a blast e-mail

This blog post will review the simplest method, the Guest Book. 

If you enable the Guest Book for your presentation, the Guest Book will appear prior to the first slide of the presentation. For details on setting up a Guest Book, view this Quick Tip. As you can see in the image below, the Guest Book contains 7 pre-set fields, plus 10 custom fields that can be added by your Administrator. In addition, you can have any combination of required and optional fields, and the Guest Book also offers functionality to create your own custom drop-down menus.

using guest books to track Brainshark views  

using guest book to track Brainshark views

According to the 2012 utilization data we compiled, after the attachments feature, the Guest Book is the second most used presentation feature, however, it may not always be the best way to understand who viewed your presentation. This is because about 30% of the time viewers will abandon a presentation without filling out the Guest Book.  In addition, other viewer may mis-identify themselves as Mr. Donald Duck or Ms. Minnie Mouse, and since Guest Book tracking relies on the viewers to identify themselves,  we have no way of identifying, through the Guest Book, the true origin of these views.  We do, however, believe that presentations with a Guest Book that are sent to employees, will generally have a lower abandon and mis-identify rate than presentations sent to marketing prospects, as they may want to learn a bit more about what you’re offering, before providing any information.

To determine what % of your presentation URL’s with a Guest Book are abandoned, run the Viewer Drop-off Summary report which is located in Viewer Clickpath Tracking. You can report on a specific presentation, presentations in a folder or all presentations. If your account does not include access to ClickPath Tracking please contact support for assistance.  With this data, you can then determine whether the Guest Book was an effective means of identifying views for this particular presentation, or if one of the other above mentioned methods tracking would better suit this presentation.

There are a few other capabilities of the Guest Book that are worth considering:

  • Guest Books can be used to gather information other than who viewed the presentation. For instance, you might use the Guest Book to ask your viewers if they are watching from their home or their office, etc.

  • You also have the option to determine the point at which you would like Guest Book launch. It can be set to launch at the beginning of the presentation, or when the viewer closes the presentation. When launching the Guest Book before the presentation, you may risk having some viewers abandon the presentation, but on the plus side, you will know that anyone who fills it out is interested in hearing from you.  When launching the GuestBook at the conclusion of the presentation, you may decrease the likelihood that viewers will abandon your presentation, since the presentation provided them with some information about your message.  If you elect to use this option, just keep in mind that pop-up blockers may block your Guest Book, so you may want to remind viewers to turn off their pop-up blockers.

  • You can customize the message viewers see when the Guest Book appears, as shown in this image.

using guest books to track Brainshark views

With an ever-growing spectrum of business goals and objectives, companies are finding new ways to communicate.  We know that every organization communicates differently, and we offer a number of options to help you understand who viewers your presentations, so please contact to discuss the best options for tracking views of your presentations.