The Power of Voice: Leveraging Guest Audio in Your Brainshark Presentations

The Power of Voice: Leveraging Guest Audio in Your Brainshark Presentations
March 8, 2013

Brainshark authors are tasked with designing content on a wide range of subjects, for a variety of functions and audiences.  While many factors influence the creation process, two key considerations for content authors are:

1) how best to convey the importance of the communication, and

2) how to engage viewers so the message truly resonates.

utilizing-guest-audioWith that in mind, we can all think of a scenario when a compelling piece of content was designed, but it ultimately lacked the extra punch necessary to engage the audience.  In many situations, what stands between a mediocre piece of content and an exceptional one is authority and variation from the norm.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could leverage the expertise of executives and subject matter experts to lend authority to your message? Imagine if there were a simple and efficient way to combine those same expertly designed slides from the content author, with the voice of someone who will capture the audience’s attention.  Well, you have come to the right place because the Brainshark guest audio feature can help you accomplish exactly that! 

Using the guest audio feature, designers and content creation experts can compose the slides for a presentation, and then by simply clicking the Request Audio button, located in the Things You Can Do menu, they can enlist the help of a colleague to add their voice to the presentation. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of the guest audio feature and more details on how it works.

1) It differentiates your presentation from the rest

Regardless of the function of your content, finding a way to elevate your presentation above the noise is crucial to ensure that your message resonates with the audience. As mentioned briefly above, guest audio is a simple and effective way to boost the quality and authority of your presentation by leveraging the expertise and eminence of subject matter experts and executives.

Let’s say you have created a training presentation to prepare your company’s sales team for the field, which includes some new product messaging. The content author could certainly narrate the presentation, and clearly communicate the message, but consider the additional authority that the presentation would exude if the new product messaging was delivered by a marketing executive or your CEO. 

Here is another common scenario: your company recently released a new product or update, and the content author is tasked with creating a brief marketing presentation to convey the significance of the release to engage customers and prospects.  Regardless of the product, customers and prospects want to hear from the experts, so why not utilize guest audio to tap the expertise of your lead product manager and enhance the credibility of your presentation? 

Guest audio offers the best of both worlds, as you can easily incorporate the most relevant speakers into your presentation, while reserving the creation of the slides for the content author.

2) It’s simple

Of course, the value of providing a way for experts and executives to lend their voice to a presentation can be quickly negated if the process for recording is complicated and time consuming.  One of the many benefits of guest audio with Brainshark is the simplicity of the recording process.  With guest audio, recording a presentation is as easy as leaving a voicemail. No training is necessary, no lengthy instructions or complicated procedures are required, and your expert doesn’t even need to be set up with a Brainshark account. 

All they have to do is open the guest audio request email that they received from the content author and dial the telephone number in the email.  The recording concierge will then prompt the speaker through the recording process, and as they progress through the presentation, an image of each slide, as well as slide notes, will appear on their screen for reference as they’re recording.   

Adding guest audio to a presentation is simple for the content author as well.  All that’s required of the author is one click of the Send New Guest Voice Request button, and an email template will display prepopulated with the recording telephone number and brief instructions for anyone who prefers to record via microphone rather than the telephone recording system. 

These email templates are also editable if you wish to include an additional message to the speaker, such as which slide numbers you would like them to record. From there, simply enter the guest speaker’s email address and click send. It’s that easy!

3) It’s efficient and organized

When working with content contributors, keeping the process as efficient and organized as possible is vital to the overall success of the project. There’s nothing more cumbersome for contributors than complicated technical requirements and file specifications, or having to sift through email attachments for the necessary resources to complete the project.  With guest audio, you can avoid all of this. 

The guest audio feature saves the recording directly to the slides of the presentation right within Brainshark, so the speaker never has to worry about what file type to save the recording in. They also won’t have to contend with the hassle of sending audio files over email, or the uncertainty of whether the files will pass email attachment size limits.

Since the guest audio recording process provides the speaker with both an image of the slide and the slide notes, this eliminates the need to send the guest speaker a slew of emails with PowerPoint slides and recording scripts attached.  All of this will display on one screen for the speaker once they have dialed into the recording system.

Just when you thought guest audio couldn’t get any easier, there’s more! Once the guest speaker has recorded, the content author will receive an email notification from Brainshark to confirm the completion of the recording. This makes leveraging guest speakers even more efficient by reducing uncertainty about the status of the presentation.

Regardless of function, when creating content it’s always important to consider how the target audience will perceive your presentation. Getting your message to resonate with viewers, and spur them to the desired action ultimately determines the success of the communication, and in many instances leveraging the experts will give your message the extra authority that it needs.

So the next time you’re creating a presentation, give the guest audio feature a try -- it’s as easy as click, dial, record, and hang up.

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