3 Ways to Add Audio to Your myBrainshark Presentations

May 23, 2013 | Wahl Allison
3 Ways to Add Audio to Your myBrainshark Presentations

One of the most important elements to a successful myBrainshark (and Brainshark) presentation is great audio. Therefore, it is no surprise that one of the most frequently asked questions is:

“What’s the best way to record audio?”

The good news is Brainshark offers not one, but three simple and efficient ways to add audio to your presentations. Let’s take a look at each recording method in detail.

Record by telephone: The option to record audio by telephone helps take the intimidation out of narrating a presentation – no special equipment necessary, no prior training required – all you need is a telephone and your script. 

To utilize the telephone recording system, simply click Manage Audio > Record Audio from the Things You Can Do menu, and dial into the telephone recording system using the number displayed on your screen.  When recording via telephone, make sure to use a corded landline phone to avoid static, echoes, and other confounding variables..

The telephone recording system is also a convenient method of recording if you need multiple contributors to record sections of your presentation.  Using the Guest Audio option, you can send a guest voice request to anyone who you would like to record your presentation – they don’t even have to be a Brainshark author.  All they need is a telephone, and a recoding script.   You can even add the script into the notes section of your PowerPoint slides so that the script displays on screen for your guest speaker when they dial in to record.


Record using a microphone: For those of you who prefer to record via microphone, or who already own a USB mic that you are comfortable working with, you are free to record in that manner as well.

To record audio using a microphone, select Manage Audio > Record Audio from the Things You Can Do menu, and then select the microphone recording option highlighted in the screenshot below. 

When using a microphone to record, be mindful of your recording location to avoid picking up any background noise.  It’s also a good idea to play back the recording from your first slide before progressing through the remainder of your recording to ensure that the microphone is placed the optimal distance from the speaker, and that you’re happy with the volume of the recording.


Add Mp3 Audio Files: If you have pre-recorded .mp3 files that you would like to add to your presentation, simply click Manage Slides, then click the audio button beneath each slide, and browse for the mp3 file that corresponds to that slide.

When recording audio as .mp3 files, just make sure to record each slide’s audio to its own separate .mp3 file, rather than one .mp3 for the entire presentation, so that you can easily upload them to each slide of your Brainshark presentation.


With these three flexible audio recording options, you are well situated to add a top notch recording to your Brainshark presentation. 

For more on myBrainshark Recording Options and Best Practices, click here!

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