SlideShark Studies Abroad: Mobile PowerPoint Goes to Class in Japan

May 17, 2013 | Sabrina Cote
SlideShark Studies Abroad: Mobile PowerPoint Goes to Class in Japan

We recently came across a fantastic YouTube video created by Tom Kenny, associate professor of linguistics at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies in central Japan, which highlights how he and his students have been using SlideShark in the classroom on both the iPad and the iPhone. 

The video tells a great story of how SlideShark has helped enable students to deliver more effective PowerPoint presentations to their classmates. I spoke with Tom recently to learn more, and here’s what he had to say.

What challenges did you and your students face that led you to try SlideShark?

Tom Kenny: I teach at a university in Japan, where all students have PowerPoint on their home computers and are used to using it. We learned pretty fast that the DropBox viewer couldn't let students show their slides the way they had intended them to be seen, so using SlideShark as a viewer was a no-brainer.

How are your students now using SlideShark in the classroom?

TK: I have a DropBox folder set up for students to share, so it's easy for them to import slides from DropBox and upload to Slideshark. Then they show their PowerPoints on their displays (mostly iPhones) to support their talk while making presentations in small groups. Then they give their presentations in front of the full class on the big projector, which is plugged into my iPad set up with SlideShark for iPad.

How has SlideShark enhanced conversations in the classroom?

TK: Once you can extend the reach of tech from the teacher into the hands of learners working in pairs and groups, they can rock at their own pace. And that's precisely what real education is all about – letting learners do it [themselves].

Do you and your students have a favorite SlideShark feature?

TK: Students love that all they have to do is tap to go to the next slide... no fussy sidebar menus to fool with, or multi-finger gesturing necessary. I love, really LOVE the Presenter Mode for iPad, with the ability to preview the next slide and view slide notes.

For more on how Tom and his class utilize SlideShark, check out the video below:

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