SlideShark Improvements in Version 3.1

May 29, 2013 | David Klein
SlideShark Improvements in Version 3.1

We released the SlideShark update today and not only have we added a few features that the community has been asking for, but we also improved a number of existing features as well.

Increased Broadcasting Speed
We released the Broadcasting feature in version 3.0, which allows you to present your slides over the web to remote or in-person attendees on their devices.  In this latest release (version 3.1) we’ve improved the speed at which the slides and annotation are shown to your audience – minimizing delays between your device and the attendees’ devices.  

Join a Broadcast from the App
For those attendees who have the SlideShark on their own device, they can now attend your meeting right from within the app.  They just input your username when asked which meeting to attend, and they’re directed right to your broadcast session.  Remember, by the way, you can always change your username by accessing your profile in the app (under Settings) or online.


Transitions: Fade
SlideShark has always supported PowerPoint animations. Now with version 3.1, we also support the most popular & common transition between slides, the “fade” slide transition.  Timing of the fade is based on how you set it in your PowerPoint.


Do Not Advance on Click
There is a trend to navigate through your slide deck in a non-linear fashion – almost like a website rather than a traditional 1, 2, 3 slide progression.  In this way, you can have the presenter or kiosk attendee choose their own path - like in a table of contents.  Utilize internal links to move from one part of the slide deck to another, coupled with the PowerPoint slide-level setting.  Simply uncheck the box “Advance Slide on Mouse Click” – in PPT2010, located on the right-hand-side of the Transitions ribbon – and SlideShark will disable any tap or swipe for the slide (other than the up-swipe to the slide tray.)


Business Users Can Upload Larger Files
SlideShark Team Edition and SlideShark Pro users can upload up to 500MB files.  See a past post on this enhancement and visit our Compare Products page for info on upgrade options.

Team Edition Reporting: View Duration
Team Edition Administrators will now see a new column in the Viewing Details by Presentation report that details the duration of a user’s view of a particular presentation, in addition to the standard viewing activity data.


Citrix ShareFile
Knowing that many people today are centralizing their storage of files in the cloud, SlideShark allows you to access your PowerPoints from those popular services.  The most recent addition to that list is ShareFile from Citrix.  If you didn’t already see it, read about our latest integration with Citrix.

“Settings” Cleanup
We’ve made some minor changes to the Settings screens in the app – just to organize the information a bit more intuitively as well as to include access to advanced help and past announcements and tips.

Try Broadcasting Before it’s Too Late
We are fast-closing in on the end of our promotional period to try out broadcasting to up to 3 attendees for free.  Your attendees have no software to install.  They just access your personal Broadcasting URL to see your presentation from any device.

We hope that you enjoy this latest version of SlideShark. If you have a chance to post a review to the AppStore, we would greatly appreciate it. If you find issues or have questions, get in touch with our Support Team directly. They’re always ready to help.


As always, enjoy SlideShark and keep those requests coming!

Senior Product Director 

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