Tips and Best Practices for Better Brainshark Presentations

May 23, 2013 | Irwin Hipsman
Tips and Best Practices for Better Brainshark Presentations

tips-best-practices-better-brainshark-presentationsThis year, the Brainshark Customer Community team will be meeting in-person and online with thousands of Brainshark users from hundreds of companies. Events include public or private user group meetings, City Tours, workshops and more. 

We always follow-up these meetings with useful resources, most of which you can find on this blog. In addition, if we hear the same question a few times, we do the research, write a blog post and update the collection. Here are some examples of valuable resources we’ve shared with customers over the past few months.

Creating Your Slides

The first step toward an engaging presentation is typically to make a PowerPoint deck. To assist, we have pulled together a Brainshark animations tutorial along with hundreds of animation templates and royalty-free images from Corbis to use in your next presentation.

Enriching Your Content

After uploading your PowerPoint slides to Brainshark, you may want to add video or other slide types, record audio from guest presenters, and so on. 

Optimizing Your Presentations

Of course, beyond the basics, there’s even more you can do to get the most out of your Brainshark content. These best practices will help you along the way.

Tracking Your Audience

Once your presentation is done, you’ll be ready to share it with your audience. So what tools do you have to track who views, how much they view, on which devices and even from which countries they are watching?

Stay tuned for more blog posts with tips on using handwriting on your PowerPoint presentations, determining how long people view your Brainshark presentations, and more. And for additional resources including how to use Brainshark for live online classes, tutorials and certifications, visit our Help and Training site.

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