10 eLearning Thought Leaders to Follow Right Now

10 eLearning Thought Leaders to Follow Right Now
November 25, 2013

Sometimes, it all comes down to who you know. Other times, it’s all about who you follow.

While the Brainshark Ideas Blog is a great resource for training specialist and L&D professionals, we’re hardly the only ones talking about ways to deliver more effective eLearning. With that in mind, here’s a short list of some of our favorite (and most influential) figures in the eLearning and online training universe.

Jane Bozarth, Bozarthzone

Jane Bozarth - Top eLearning Authors to FollowJane is an eLearning professional and author of the book, Social Media for Trainers. She also writes for Learning Solutions Magazine as well as her personal blog, where she shares her unique thoughts on eLearning solutions, strategies, trends and more.

Jane Hart, Learning in the Social Workplace

Jane Hart - Top eLearning Authors to FollowJane is an independent learning advisor and speaker who also founded the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, one of the most popular learning websites on the planet. More recently, Jane contributed a chapter on informal and social learning for the book, The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual.

David Kelly, DavidKelly.me

David Kelly - Top eLearning Authors to FollowDavid is a training director and internal learning consultant with a self-professed passion for “progressive education and performance support in the workplace.” In addition to his popular blog, he also speaks frequently at events on learning and development tools and strategies (including the use of social media for collaborative learning).

Connie Malamed, The eLearning Coach

Connie Malamed - eLearning Authors to FollowConnie is an eLearning designer and strategist who authored the book, Visual Language for Designers. Her frequently updated website provides content and resources geared toward helping others develop for and better understand the world of online learning.

Elliott Masie, MASIE.com

Elliot Masie - Top eLearning Authors to FollowA renowned writer and speaker on the topic of workplace learning and technology, Elliott is the editor of Learning TRENDS, an eNewsletter with over 52,000 subscribers. He also leads the MASIE Center, a think tank focused on how businesses can better support learning and knowledge.

Cathy Moore, Blog.Cathy-Moore.com

Cathy Moore - Top eLearning Authors to FollowCathy’s self-described mission is to “save the world from boring corporate learning.” Her blog features fresh ideas for how organizations can inject some life into their eLearning strategies, along with a host of other resources for learning professionals.

Christopher Pappas, eLearningIndustry.com

Christopher Pappas - Top eLearning Authors to FollowIn addition to leading the eLearning Industry Network, Christopher is also the founder and owner of the Instructional Design and eLearning Professional’s Group, the largest eLearning community on LinkedIn. His website covers a wide variety of topics related to online and mobile training, and he actively shares that content via social media.

Clark Quinn, Quinnovation

Clark Quinn - Top eLearning Authors to FollowClark is the executive director at Quinnovation, an independent consultancy focused on knowledge systems and learning interaction design. He posts frequently to the organization’s official blog, Learnlets, where he shares his own “learnings” about eLearning design and other strategies.

Clive Shepherd, Clive on Learning

Clive Shepherd - Top eLearning Authors to FollowClive is a consultant who specializes in blended learning, effective business communications and other online training strategies. His blog is frequently updates with eLearning tips for businesses, as well as interviews with some of the top design minds in the U.K.

Craig Weiss, E-Learning 24/7 Blog

Craig Weiss - Top eLearning Authors to FollowCraig is the CEO and founder of E-Learning 24/7, a global consulting firm for organizations looking to invest in online learning initiatives. His popular blog is read in over 133 countries, and covers the gamut of eLearning trends and technologies.

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