3 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence with Video

3 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence with Video
November 20, 2013

With the emergence of social selling, sales reps across industries are now looking for new ways to take advantage of social media.  As one of the most comprehensive and informative social networks, and a place where business professionals have connected and collaborated for years, LinkedIn is a natural channel for reps to launch their social selling efforts.

 A successful social selling strategy is contingent on sales reps’ ability to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. When considering how best to educate and add value to conversations, the use of video is an excellent way to engage connections and stand out from the pack. 

The good news is that there are certain ways you can use video on LinkedIn to further differentiate yourself from the masses. Let’s take a look a few examples in more detail.

1) Share video content in LinkedIn updates

If the adage holds true ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ then a video is worth a million. If fact, 59% of senior executives prefer watching online video over reading text.  So why not give decisions makers the engaging content they’re looking for, in a format that they’re looking for as well?

To share a video as an update, simply paste the video URL into the update window, add any additional comments that you wish, then share.  With YouTube and Brainshark videos, the title and description of the video will be pulled into the post, as well as a clickable thumbnail image to help your content visually stand out from the rest.  


2) Include videos on personal LinkedIn profiles

Another excellent opportunity to enhance your LinkedIn presence with video is to add an introductory video to the summary section of your own LinkedIn profile. A brief video that summarizes what your company does or the benefits your solutions offer is a perfect way to convey relevant information to those who view your profile instead of burying them in a mountain of text.

For Brainshark videos, you can also add a tracking code so you can gain insight into how much of that content viewers to your profile are watching; something that’s not possible to measure with text-based content.

To add a video to the summary section of your LinkedIn profile, select Edit Profile, then scroll down to the Background section and click the square icon to the right of the edit button under the Summary section, and select Add Link from the dropdown menu.  Simply paste in the link to a video from a supported provider – YouTube videos will of course work, and also thanks to our recent partnership with Embed.ly, Brainshark videos are a great fit as well.


Once you’ve pasted the link to your video into the summary section, LinkedIn will pull in a clickable thumbnail, title and description. Viewers to your profile will be able to click to play the video in a LinkedIn window so they can take advantage of the Comment and Like features native to LinkedIn. 


3) Incorporate videos on LinkedIn company pages

LinkedIn company pages are another important place to incorporate video to help communicate your message in a way that captures the attention of visitors. For example, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to supplement text with video on each individual listing under the Products and Services section.


To add a video to the Products and Services section of your company page, click into a particular product listing, then select Edit Page from the dropdown menu under the edit button in the top right corner of the page.  Scroll down to Steps 10 and 11 in the edit mode guide and add the URL to a YouTube video about that product.

At this time, LinkedIn company pages only accept YouTube videos, however if you have a Brainshark video about your product, you can easily publish the Brainshark video to YouTube using our one-step publishing option. Once your Brainshark presentation is published to YouTube, you can then add it to its respective product page.

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