8 PowerPoint Design Questions You Might Find Yourself Asking

8 PowerPoint Design Questions You Might Find Yourself Asking
November 7, 2013

Some PowerPoint design questions are more common than others. Here are eight that you might find yourself asking when creating your next presentation. powerpoint-design-questions

Whether you’re creating a PowerPoint slides deck to present live or convert to an on-demand video, a bad design can sink your presentation in a hurry. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a bevy of tips and ideas that even the most inexperienced PowerPoint novices can use to create more compelling, professional looking slides.

With that in mind, here are eight PowerPoint design questions you might be faced with when putting together your next slide deck, with links for more information.

#1. What Are the Best PowerPoint Fonts to Use?
First and foremost, poor font decisions can ruin your slides. Here you’ll find advice for making the right choices when it comes to font styles and sizes.

#2. Is Readability the Worst PowerPoint Design Error of All?
Font isn’t the only text-related issues that affect readability. Here are four errors to avoid so that you can keep your audience engaged and focused on your message.

#3. Does Punctuation Belong in PowerPoint?
Another text question that comes up involves the use of punctuation. Should you use it in PowerPoint? Chris Shaw says no, and here’s why.

#4. PowerPoint Bullet Points: Do You Need Them?
While some experts say bullet points have no place in PowerPoint, it’s not necessarily true for every situation. Here you’ll find a more nuanced way to tackle this common PowerPoint design question.

#5. PowerPoint Tables – Keep 'Em or Kill 'Em?
When it comes to providing data in your Word or Excel documents, tables are a simple option. For PowerPoint? Not so much.

#6. How Do You Change Hyperlink Colors in PowerPoint?
Most quality designs have a consistent color scheme, so don’t let hyperlinks create unnecessary inconsistencies. Here’s a simple trick for making your links match your slides.

#7. How Can PowerPoint Picture Tools Make Your Life Easier?
Many PowerPoint design questions involve the use of images. Fortunately, PowerPoint has built-in tools to help. Paula Crerar shares a few ways to make the Picture Tools option work for you.

#8. Is There an Easy Way to Align Images on Slides?
When it comes to image placement, there’s no need to drop a graphic into your slides and hope for the best. Here is a simple trick for being exact.

There’s no end to the number of design questions that presenters have when it comes to PowerPoint – but these are just a few. Do you have a question that you just can’t seem to find the answer to? Share them in the comments, and we’ll do our best to help!

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