Sales Preparation Trends Highlight Mobile Content Needs [Report]

Sales Preparation Trends Highlight Mobile Content Needs [Report]
November 14, 2013

In today’s mobile business world, sales preparation can happen anywhere – and according to new data, it pretty much does.

Our recent 2013 State of the Sales Rep survey asked 416 salespeople across multiple industries about their meeting preparation habits. About 40% of reps said they typically prepare within a day of an upcoming meeting, with more than 10% often waiting until the day of the presentation. With increased time spent in the field, it’s likely that even those reps that begin preparation days in advance are increasingly reliant on mobile devices to access the resources they need ((53% now use their tablets in these situations).

This means sales preparation for meetings can happen in all sorts of places. As you can see in the slide below, many reps still prep at their desks, but even more have found themselves putting together materials from a restaurant or coffee shop – a whopping 93%, in fact. Other preparation hot spots include:

  • In a car (64%)

  • On a plane (58%)

  • From the parking lot (44% -- way to cut it close, folks)

  • While on vacation (42% -- this one is just sad)


It doesn’t end there, either. When asked about the most unique places they’ve prepared for a sales meeting, responses were (literally) all over the map, with answers such as:

  • Disneyworld (so much for the happiest place on Earth)

  • A helicopter (was Richard Branson surveyed?)

  • The dentist’s office (novocaine be damned!)

  • In church (followed immediately by a trip to the confession booth)

From a sales enablement perspective, this only shines a brighter light on the need for organizations to provide reps with mobile-ready materials that can be accessed from anywhere.

Of course, content creation is only one aspect of this. Marketing and sales managers can produce PowerPoint slides for field reps to use – but can they view and present them from their iPads? Content needs to be available for mobile access, but is it centralized and easy to find? And of course, reps need the ability to present and share the resources they find with prospects, but can managers also control that content to ensure security and compliance?

These are the things organizations need to consider today. As the data shows, it’s no longer a question of where and how mobile reps are preparing for meetings and customer communications; it’s about how well companies are enabling them to do so.

For more details on the sales preparation habits of today’s mobile sales reps (and much, much more), download the full report and check out our State of the Sales Rep infographic.  

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