Sales Survey: 44% of Reps Prep for Meetings in the Parking Lot [Infographic]

Sales Survey: 44% of Reps Prep for Meetings in the Parking Lot [Infographic]
November 6, 2013

In a recent survey, Brainshark asked over 400 sales reps and managers about processes and challenges they face preparing for meetings, presenting to prospects and following up afterward.


We found that sales reps fit in preparing for meetings whenever and wherever they can. Survey results show:

  • 40% typically start preparing within a day of an impending sales presentation

  • 12% wait until the day of the meeting

  • Just 16% are early birds – starting at least a week in advance

No place is off limits when it comes to where reps prepare for meetings. We heard that work got done at Disneyworld, in a helicopter, at the hospital, at church and even while ice fishing! Among the top-cited responses were:

  • In the car – 64%

  • On a plane – 58%

  • In the prospect’s parking lot – 44%

  • On vacation – 42%

  • In the bathroom – 27% (1 in 5 reps also prepare in the shower)

  • While working out – 24%

Other Interesting Findings

Some of my favorite responses (and easily the most amusing ones) involve how “attached” reps have become to their tablets for sales presentations.  For instance, 47% of reps said they’d rather present without their underwear than without their tablet. Then there’s the fact that presentation mishaps are bound to happen. One rep reported that the sprinkler system went off mid-meeting. How do you come back from that?

That’s not all respondents had to say. For more details on how reps prepare for and present during sales meetings, check out the exclusive infographic below, and view the press release for even more details.


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