3 REALLY Simple Ways to Use Video for Social Selling

3 REALLY Simple Ways to Use Video for Social Selling
November 1, 2013

Social selling isn't rocket science. It's just the savvy use of social media to connect with people, showcase your expertise and create fresh opportunities.” – Jill Konrath, Does Social Selling Really Work?

use-video-for-social-sellingI like this quote because it really captures the essence of how social media works as a selling tool – in that it’s just another tool. Yet I get the sense that many salespeople are either A) intimidated by the concept of social selling, or B) under the impression that it’s the key to breaking their company sales records.

Neither of these views is 100% on target. Social media isn’t some scary or complex thing – anyone can get good at using various social channels rather quickly with a little effort. But it’s also not the answer to all of your sales goal prayers. Sadly, sending out a few tweets or direct messages to potential prospects is unlikely to make a major dent in your numbers.

Like anything else, you have to work at social media to make it work for you. As Jill points out, it’s the “savvy use of social media” that will enable real connections, and online video is one tactic that can help.

For instance, here are three simple tips any sales rep can use to spur their social selling strategies with video.

#1. Add a video to your LinkedIn profile.

Of all the social selling channels, LinkedIn is probably the most valuable for B2Bs, and success begins with a complete and engaging profile page.

“When your reps reach out to people at other companies, the first place those people will look for information on your company is your reps’ LinkedIn profiles – especially if they are interested,” writes Lindsay Kolowich for InsightSquared.

With this in mind, adding content to the summary field of your profile is a great way to engage visitors. To that end, embedding video presentations from Brainshark or YouTube is an easy way to make your profile stand out and educate visitors on you and your business in an impactful way. 

#2. Share a video over making a cold call.

Cold calling isn’t dead as a B2B sales tactic, but social media can add a lot of value to your prospecting efforts that shouldn’t be overlooked.

As Amanda Batista writes for the Eloqua Blog, the Who’s viewed your profile featureis a goldmine for helping you make connections with people who already demonstrate an interest in your personal brand. [You can] monitor these visits and send personalized emails from sales reps who manage that particular account with a link to their individual sales rep profile.”

Then again, if personalized emails are good, then emails with personalized video content are even better. For instance, sales reps can easily enrich existing Brainshark presentations with personalized messages based on the information you’ve learned about potential prospects on LinkedIn.

“If you know your client in Toronto loves hockey, mention hockey in a custom video that answers their specific questions about your product!” explains Jill Rowley for Vidyard. “This personalization creates a meaningful connection with your buyer and makes your video that much more engaging. It’s personalized, tailored content like this that will help you stand out from your competitors and get you that much sought-after meeting for a pitch.”

#3. Use video to help, not sell.

Finally, if you believe that “helping is the new marketing,” then that should translate to the sales process too. Many sales managers across industries have recognized the need for reps to become more consultative and add value to sales conversations beyond the products or services they offer.

Great content is extremely valuable in this regard, and video is an especially powerful tool. Social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter tell you more than just who a person is; they provide insight into their needs and interests. If a user shares one of your blog posts on Twitter, respond by sharing a related video that they might also like.

Remember – the video content you share doesn’t always have to be promotional content. Social selling is as much about building trust and making connections as anything else.

These are just three ideas for adding video to your social selling strategies. For more tips on enabling sales reps with video and other content resources, check out the following articles:

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