Give Viewers More to See with Brainshark Auto-Launch and Branching Features

Give Viewers More to See with Brainshark Auto-Launch and Branching Features
October 24, 2013

Do you find that sometimes your Brainshark presentations require a little… more? More detail, more resources, more information?

You’re not alone!

Many presentations can benefit from a few additional resources that go beyond the slides. Fortunately, Brainshark On-Demand offers a number of ways to highlight extra content for your viewers.  

These include options to automatically launch documents and websites along with your presentation, or even branch viewers to additional resources based on actions they take during your presentation.

Let’s take a look at each of these options in more detail.

1. Launch an attachment when the presentation is closed

If you want to be sure a viewer sees a specific document or form, or visits a certain website, set the attachment to automatically launch once the viewer closes the presentation.  This can be particularly valuable as a call to action, or final touch point to put a bow on your presentation.

To set an attachment to launch at the end of the presentation, first add the resource as an attachment, and check the box labeled Auto-Launch when Presentation is closed (below).


2. Launch an attachment with a specific slide

In some instances, it may make sense to include an additional resource when viewers reach a specific slide in your presentation.  This could be helpful as a way to provide viewers with documents and forms that you reference on that slide so they can follow along or print them for later use.  

To set an attachment to automatically launch with a specific slide, first add it to your presentation as an attachment, then check the Auto-Launch box and choose whether you would like the attachment to launch before or after slide audio completes (below).  

To learn more about managing attachments, watch this brief presentation.


3. Completion branching

In addition to auto-launching content within a presentation, you can also automatically direct viewers to different resources based on their own engagement.  For example, with Brainshark On-Demand, authors have the option to set completion criteria that require viewers to watch a certain percentage of a presentation, or attain a certain score on questions.  Those criteria can also be used as way to direct viewers to supplementary resources. 

With completion branching, authors can send viewers to a website, another Brainshark presentation, or a certificate once they have met the designated criteria for that presentation.

To enable this option for a presentation, first check the box labeled Require viewers to complete presentation, located on the Presentation Properties tab, then on the next screen select the completion branching option that works best for your presentation (below).  For more on completion branching, watch this presentation


4. Question branching

In addition to completion branching, Brainshark authors can also take advantage of question branching which enables them to automatically direct viewers to a specific slide, a website, or another Brainshark presentation based on their responses to questions within the presentation.

To access the question branching options, navigate into the edit mode of your question, select Question Properties and then the Branching tab to define the branching options for that question (below). To learn more about question branching, watch this presentation.


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