4 Considerations for Better B2B Sales Enablement

4 Considerations for Better B2B Sales Enablement
October 3, 2013

considerations-for-b2b-sales-enablementThere’s a lot of buzz right now in B2B circles around sales enablement – even the term itself is a hot topic of conversation.

A recent SiriusDecisions study looked at the evolving definition of sales enablement, noting that it typically varies from company to company. With that said, most attribute it to improving sales productivity through content and communications, with the most common areas of overlap including sales asset creation and product training

I cited this recently in an article for the Eloqua Revenue Marketing Blog that looked at some ways B2Bs can utilize content to enable their reps to close more deals. The post looks at four key considerations, dubbed “the 4 A’s” of sales enablement content success:

1. Alignment

2. Awareness

3. Access

4. Analytics

At Brainshark, it’s one of our goals to help organizations improve their efforts around these areas, whether it’s centralizing access to sales enablement resource via a secure Content Portal or utilizing content analytics to make better decisions with Brainshark tracking and reporting.

These are pretty general concepts, but they fit well into the commonly-held perception of sales enablement. Of course, as mentioned previously, that perception is still evolving. So the question is – what do you think? How do you define sales enablement at your organization? Do you have your own keys to success?

You can read the full article at the Eloqua blog, and post your comments here – we’d love hear your thoughts and ideas!

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