Globe University Embraces iPads and SlideShark to Transform Learning

October 08, 2013 | Marit Fratelli
Globe University Embraces iPads and SlideShark to Transform Learning

globe-university-embraces-ipads-and-slideShark-to-transform-learningGlobe University, Broadview University and Minnesota School of Business are part of a premier, family-managed network of career colleges and universities. They employ the Educational User Experience (edUX) model which puts a focus on technology for adaptive learning. This fall and going forward, students at all the institutions will learn with an iPad and instructors will use them in the classroom.

To make the most of the iPad in a learning environment, all staff, faculty and students will be using multiple mobile apps – including SlideShark. As of September, iPads and SlideShark had been rolled out to three campuses, which include 160 staff and faculty.

To find out how SlideShark is improving the classroom experience, we sat down with Miriam Williams, faculty developer at Broadview University, and Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, and Chad Anderson, instructor for the Interactive Media/Graphic Design and Information Technology programs at Minnesota School of Business.

Advanced technology is at the heart of Globe University’s mission. Why did you choose iPads as a tool for teaching and learning?

Miriam Williams: Our school chose the iPad because we believe it affords us the best opportunity to embrace the eResources that are available as part of our courses and a great way to incorporate the frequent use of technology to support our future graduates as they seek positions in their career fields.

iPads are great for so many reasons, but they aren’t without presentation issues. What challenges were you experiencing that led you to SlideShark?

Chad Anderson: When using a slide presentation during class time, instructors are “tethered” to the computer; we cannot move around the classroom and actively use our slide presentations. Converting a PowerPoint deck into a PDF and presenting it this way was not a good option since the animations no longer work, and the slides become distorted. We also could not annotate or highlight sections of the slides when they were converted to PDFs.

How has SlideShark addressed those challenges?

CA: The main challenge that SlideShark solved for me was being able to present a PowerPoint presentation on my iPad and keeping the look and animations intact.

Using the iPad and SlideShark to run a slide presentation allows me to interact with my students by being able to move among them – something that’s impossible with a bulky laptop. The ability to present with the notes view is great. SlideShark also allows me to highlight, annotate, and use the built in laser pointer during the presentation.

Is there any other way you are using SlideShark to improve the learning experience?

CA: I also use the share feature to send the slide deck to students who ask for it.

We offer several courses as part of a videoconferencing experience (with one group of students in the live classroom and others participating remotely). SlideShark’s broadcasting option affords us the opportunity to share presentations between students in each location.

Making sure everyone is using new technology can be tough. Is SlideShark being embraced by the staff and faculty?

MW: I have led four SlideShark demonstration classes for the staff and faculty at MSB. In each class, the participants have seen how much easier it is to use SlideShark and find out that going forward, their presentations will be viewed perfectly. In a recent training session on project-based learning, SlideShark was the #1 requested app on which faculty would like more training.

How has SlideShark improved the teaching and learning experience at Globe University campuses?

CA: Presenters can present their slide presentations using their iPads and Apple TV the same way they would present on a regular computer, but now we are mobile, more interactive, and have improved student engagement!

MW: SlideShark supports the project-based learning environment, reducing the time it takes students to complete a final product. Because they can easily share and broadcast presentations to different locations, adult students with scheduling issues are able to participate and stay in the loop on group projects. SlideShark has quickened the pace of our learning environment.

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