Happy Birthday SlideShark!!!

October 18, 2013 | Gerry Praysman
Happy Birthday SlideShark!!!

October 18th is a special day here at Brainshark since it marks the second birthday of our popular mobile app, SlideShark! We generally like to be modest, but what kind of parents would we be if we didn’t spend a little time bragging about our kid? After all, in just two short years our bundle of joy has come a really long way, with no plans to slow down for that matter!

Since its launch on October 18th, 2011, SlideShark has:

  • Over 2 million downloads

  • Users in over 150 different countries

  • A 4.5 (out of 5) star rating on the Apple App Store, based on nearly 4,000 ratings

  • More than 25 industry awards for both its individual and Team Edition versions

  • Been ranked as a Top 50 Productivity app in the App Store its entire lifetime (currently Top 20)

  • Been tracked by Apple among the Top 2% of ALL the apps on the App Store (out of nearly 1 million!)

We’re quite proud of these accomplishments, but having said that, we’ve known since Day 1 that any success we’d have would be because of a very special group of people…you, our customers!

We want to take a second to thank all of our users for adopting SlideShark, for providing great feedback about how to make it better, and for supporting us with your ratings, reviews and testimonials. Without your help and advocacy, SlideShark would be far from the success it has become.

Just like any kid since the beginning of time, all SlideShark really wants is to be liked. So for its second birthday, how about giving SlideShark’s new Facebook page a “Like” as a gift? It can sometimes be hard to like 2-year-olds, but how many 2-year-olds can play PowerPoint on an iPad so well? Not many, that’s for sure.

Below, we leave you with a word from David Klein, VP of Product Management. He and his team and all the incredibly talented developers behind SlideShark listen to all your feedback, draw up the roadmap, and make the magic happen.

  • View SlideShark's Product Evolution Page

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