Content Strategies for the New Buyer's Journey [Webinar Replay]

Content Strategies for the New Buyer's Journey [Webinar Replay]
October 23, 2013

Last week, Mark Synek, Principal of the Sales Benchmark Index and Paula Crerar, Sr. Director of Content & Product Marketing at Brainshark, presented a webinar describing how the buying decision process has changed and how that impacts the types of content needed along the buyer’s journey.

Buyers are now armed with the ability to research new products on the web and validate vendors through social media. When they finally talk to a vendor, they have often completed more than half of their buyer’s journey. This means that vendors who wait until the later stages of the buying cycle are often locked out of the process.

Mark discussed how the buyer’s journey has changed and why salespeople need to engage buyers earlier in their journey. The key is creating a Buyer Process Map (BPM) that charts the decision making process used to purchase a product, service or solution. The BPM provides a sales team a blueprint of how to get into deals early enough to win them. By using a BPM, the buyer and seller are aligned resulting in fewer blown opportunities.  

Webinar replay- content for the new buyer's journey

The typical Buyer Process Map includes the buying phases, key buyer actions and all the micro decisions a buyer makes as each phase of the buying cycle.

Paula showed examples of the types of content you could create and share at each stage of the buyer’s journey, as well as ways to determine if your content is resonating and helping to lead buyers towards closing the sale.

View the full replay of the webinar for more content marketing insights from Mark and Paula. 

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