Marketing and Sales Alignment – Benchmarks^* Insights and Best Practices [Webinar Replay]

October 07, 2013 | Amy Marks
Marketing and Sales Alignment – Benchmarks^* Insights and Best Practices [Webinar Replay]

Brainshark recently sponsored a webinar featuring original research by two thought leaders in the area of marketing and sales alignment. Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst of Demand Metric and Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategist &  CMO of Corporate Visions shared data and insights (and some surprising disconnects) from recent research on the current state of sales and marketing alignment.

For those alignment naysayers, this stat might make you sit up and take notice.

A recent study by Demand Metric reveals that 66% of companies reporting complete alignment made their revenue goals, compared to just 41% who reported no alignment. 


If companies want to drive more profitable growth at lower costs, marketing and sales alignment clearly matters.

View the webinar replay, Marketing & Sales Alignment: Benchmarks, Insights and Best Practices, and learn:

  • Why alignment around a revenue goal is not enough to drive profitable growth

  • What organizational structure results in the highest revenue performance

  • How the disconnect between marketing and sales around messaging impacts profitability

  • What marketing strategies have the greatest impact on driving revenue and breaking through the status quo

View the Webinar Replay

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