Cool Ways to Use Brainshark Throughout Your Organization

Cool Ways to Use Brainshark Throughout Your Organization
September 13, 2013

cool-ways-to-use-brainshark-throughout-your-organizationIf you think Brainshark is just about uploading a PowerPoint file, adding your voice, and sending a link, you’re in for a treat! 

You already know that Brainshark is a great way to take advantage of on-demand delivery so your audience can view presentations on the latest policies, products, organization realignment, services, and just about anything else you can think of – often times outside of regular business hours. 

But did you know how many other things you can do with Brainshark On-Demand?  Here are some of the features we think are cool – and we hope you’ll give at least some of them a try.


  • Interactive Questions and Links. By adding questions or polls to your video presentations, you can gain valuable insight into the needs and interests of your viewers. Inserting clickable links that direct your audience to landing pages or other web resources is also a great way to draw attention to your calls to action. You can take it to the next level by adding a custom question background and build your question around what you include in it.  For example – you could display an image of a new product your company is selling with each part indicated by a number, then ask viewers to match the number with the correct part name.

  • Lots of Sharing Options. Get your message out in ways other than email by taking advantage of cool Brainshark sharing options like social media or QR codes.

Web Development

  • Embedding. It's so easy to enrich existing websites and blogs with multimedia. Just grab the embed code on a Brainshark presentation and include it in the HTML for your page.


  • Personalization.  Have content that you want to use but need to add a personal touch so your prospects/customers know it’s coming from you?  Sales reps can add wrap slides to an existing presentation that announces your newest product and send it out via email. Your prospects/customers will hear the rep’s voice first, and they can provide personalized next steps following the presentation.

  • Content Portal. Easily categorize and organize sales content in one central location for reps to have at their fingertips right when they need it.

  • Mobile support.  With your mobile sales force armed with tablets and smart phones, Brainshark presentations are ready to meet your needs, as the portal and Brainshark player are optimized for mobile viewing.

  • CRM systems Integration. Let Brainshark and your CRM communicate. You can streamline the process of sharing meaningful presentations with your prospects and customers and automatically track actions and views through CRM integration with

  • Gather data. Use the guestbook feature to capture viewer data along with tracking codes to discretely determine who has viewed the content. Tracking codes and view receipts give real-time data on who is viewing Brainshark communications.

Product Management

  • Merge.  If you’re constantly updating information for your Brainshark presentations, there’s no need to recreate the wheel each time. You can borrow the slides you need from past presentations and authors, and combine them with your new slides to provide the most up-to-date information the next time someone clicks the link.  You can also use this feature to make behind-the-scenes updates that you merge with your live presentations. The Merge Content tool helps you work smarter, not harder! 


  • Security and user management.  Brainshark offers a variety of  options to secure content access, which includes IP-restrictions, user and group management, simple presentation passwords and formal Single Sign-on (SSO) implementations.

Learning & Development

  • LMS integration.  You can set completion criteria to let your viewers know the percentage of audio they need to listen to, the number of slides they need to view, and the exam score they need for their training to be considered complete. Then simply download the SCORM package and provide it to your LMS administrator.  If the content is updated, there is no need to have to “re-publish” the course. It is automatically updated.

  • Adding slides and attachments. Brainshark isn’t just about uploading a PowerPoint file and adding voice narration.  It’s also easy to add a document or website as a slide so viewers can interact with it as you take them through your latest product features. You can even attach the registration webpage for your next client event or reading material for your new hire orientation.

  • Enhance the viewing experience.  Trainers can also use background audio on question slides in place of or along with their voice to provide thinking music for learners.

Human Resources

  • Guest Audio.  Audio narrations make your presentations come alive, but don’t feel you have to be the only person speaking.  Guest audio enables other experts to add their voices – and they don’t even have to have to access Brainshark to do it. 

  • Real time updates. Need to make a quick change?  With Brainshark On-Demand, as soon as you save your changes, your viewers see them.  There’s no need to resend the link or change your webpage.

  • Make your global and mobile employees feel included.  You can create presentations in multiple languages and formats and be confident that the Brainshark player will provide the viewing experience in the local language.  And with a few quick clicks, Conditional Redirects can be added to instruct Brainshark to distribute based on the browser language and/or viewing device. 


  • Completion criteria. Set the viewing requirements ahead of time for slides, audio, and exam scores and the Brainshark player will let your viewers know when they have met the requirements.  If you don’t include exam questions you can still include completion criteria for slides and audio.

  • Content Approval. The Brainshark Content Approval feature helps you manage the quality and consistency of your communications by providing a workflow process for reviewing and approving Brainshark presentations prior to distribution.With Content Approval, a Brainshark presentation that enters a workflow process cannot be distributed until it has been approved by an authorized user, and once approved, it cannot be changed without another review and approval cycle.

Executive Communications

  • VideoSync. With Brainshark’s VideoSync feature, you can simultaneously show recorded video and slides. This enables you to use VideoSync to showcase subject matter experts, demonstrate product or software use while listing key points, repurpose footage from an executive conference, or add a greater level of animation to a presentation. VideoSync-enabled presentations are simple to create and automatically play on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Author per slide. Here you can show a speaker photo along with his or her narration per slide. For example, you can have your senior executives record audio on a slide to welcome new employees to your company, have the Benefits Manager discuss insurance options, then finish up with the employee’s department head welcoming the employee to the group.  Each speaker will have his or her name, title and photo displayed in the viewer at the appropriate time.


  • Tracking and reporting. No matter what type of communication you are sending, you’ll want to determine whether it was successful. Brainshark provides powerful analytics that make it possible to gather viewing data, question responses, and essential information about how your message is resonating with your audience.

If you have another cool way to use Brainshark that we haven’t mentioned, share it below – we’d love to hear about it!

Finally, be sure to check out the Brainshark Help & Training website for more information on how to use any of the features described in this article.

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