Sales Enablement Tips from the Experts [eBook]

Sales Enablement Tips from the Experts [eBook]
September 3, 2013

sales-enablement-tips-ebookAs SiriusDecisions points out, the sales enablement function has broadened for B2B companies. From onboarding and training to mobile selling and collaboration, today’s sales organizations need more support than ever to succeed.

Here at Brainshark, we recently rounded up some of the brightest minds in the business for our six-part Sales Enablement Webinar Series, with each session covering a different component of the sales enablement process. Needless to say, a LOT of great information was shared, and we collected some of the best tidbits to include in our new Sales Enablement Tips eBook!

Inside you’ll find expert advice on areas such as:

  • Sales rep onboarding

  • Mobile training and selling

  • Sales collaboration… and more!

You can download the free eBook below, and view this short presentation to learn more about how Brainshark solutions can help increase sales productivity at your organization. 

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