VideoSync Gets Embedded with Brainshark’s Picture-in-Picture Feature

VideoSync Gets Embedded with Brainshark’s Picture-in-Picture Feature
September 30, 2013

Well, what do you think?  Is VideoSync the coolest feature you’ve ever used or what?  Well, there is more.  I know, I know – the mind explodes at the idea that it could get any better than this and yet it has.   VideoSync now plays back in our embeddable player!

If you embed Brainsharks on web pages or in blogs, then you are probably familiar with that sleek and simplified player view.  You can also see this player when using a dm=5 parameter on your URL.  

Now if you have a presentation using synchronized video and watch that on the embedded player, you’ll get an amazing “picture-in-picture” effect allowing your viewers to see the video and content.  The top panel can be resized and moved around so you don’t have to worry about content being hidden.  And the viewer can even swap the video and content if they want to shift their focus from one to the other.

This is really an exciting new approach for playing back content and we are looking forward to your feedback.  Give it a try!  Check out the embedded presentation below or click here to see in a larger view.

Happy embedding!


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