When (and Why) to Publish Brainshark Presentations to YouTube

When (and Why) to Publish Brainshark Presentations to YouTube
September 4, 2013

Publish Brainshark Videos to YouTubeFor some time now, it’s been incredibly easy to take video presentations created in Brainshark On-Demand and publish them to your brand’s YouTube channel.  (For details on just how simple it is, check out this document.)

With that being said, from time to time customers still ask, “Why would we want to put our Brainshark content on YouTube anyway?” 

It’s a fair question, especially when you consider the many benefits of Brainshark On-Demand, such as:

  • Brainshark makes it easy to create online video content (whereas YouTube is mainly just a hosting platform)

  • Brainshark videos are hosted in the cloud and can be embedded to any webpage (just like YouTube videos)

  • The Brainshark On-Demand video player has several built-in features that the YouTube player doesn’t, such as various interactive elements, clickable hyperlinks, Table of Contents, VideoSync capabilities and more

  • Videos hosted in Brainshark are privy to powerful analytics, providing insights into viewer behavior that YouTube can’t match

So yes, there are plenty of reasons to create, share and track online video content with Brainshark On-Demand. But when it comes to video marketing specifically, there are some compelling scenarios when posting your content to YouTube in addition to hosting it in Brainshark makes a lot of sense.

For example:

#1. Increased exposure. There’s no denying the popularity of YouTube. With over 4 billion hits each day, it’s now among the most popular search engines on the planet (second only to Google). While it’s true that Brainshark On-Demand presentations can add value to your company webpages and other marketing efforts (demand gen, social media, etc.), there’s no way your website can match the potential exposure that YouTube has to offer.

Purely from a brand awareness standpoint (where the goal is to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible), it’d be crazy to ignore such a powerful channel. In fact, experts encourage all companies that are serious about video marketing to set up their own branded YouTube channels.

By combining the content created with Brainshark and the power of YouTube, you can quickly generate more video content for new audiences to find online. Studies show that the most successful YouTube channels benefit from a consistent flow of new content, so the more videos you have, the more active and engaged your audiences will be.

#2. Higher SEO value. Research has shown that search engines like Google love video content – especially videos from YouTube. There are many tactics you can use to optimize Brainshark video presentations for search, from on-page meta data to video sitemaps. But again, in terms of pure visibility, YouTube takes the prize here.

Consider this: 62% of Google universal search results include video, and more than eight out of every 10 of those videos are hosted in YouTube. (You can find even more cool video SEO statistics here.) This means that YouTube videos are not only visible on the YouTube site itself, but they also rank very well in traditional search engines.  

#3. Referral traffic. Finally, one of the key goals of any content marketing initiative is to drive people to your website where they can learn more about your business and eventually become new customers. As with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, posting your Brainshark presentations to YouTube creates just another opportunity to direct audiences back to your most important company webpages. (Here’s a quick primer for tracking referral traffic from YouTube with Google Analytics.)

Once again, there are certain caveats to publishing Brainshark content to YouTube, as it’s not ideal for every marketing scenario. This is particularly true for demand generation and email marketing campaigns where you’ll want to harness the power of Brainshark analytics to help make better sales decisions. You also can’t integrate YouTube videos with your marketing automation or CRM systems as you can with Brainshark On-Demand.

And of course, publishing content to YouTube means you’ll lose certain functionality that’s native to the Brainshark video player, such as clickable hyperlinks, interactive polls/surveys, Table of Contents and so on.

But when it comes to simply getting your video content in front of as many people as possible, no site on the planet can compete with YouTube video marketing. For more details on how to combine the power of YouTube with Brainshark On-Demand, check out the short presentation below.

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