Brainshark Social Media Posts Just Got Better with Embedly

Brainshark Social Media Posts Just Got Better with Embedly
September 17, 2013

Our customers have asked for an easy way to embed Brainshark content on social media sites and their corporate intranets. We’re happy to announce that we have joined forces with Embedly to offer a simple way to get the job done.  If you haven’t heard of Embedly, they enable content creators to embed videos, images, and rich media from a range of sources – now including Brainshark – on social media sites like LinkedIn, and Facebook and all you need is a URL.

Here’s how it works – now, when you share links to your Brainshark or myBrainshark presentations on LinkedIn, Facebook or your  intranet sites, the Embedly technology works with Brainshark behind the scenes to generate a thumbnail of the presentation, which will automatically appear on the page. How’s that for easy?

Not only is it easy, but it’s also an important development for marketers because it enables them to connect fans and followers with rich video content, while still keeping them on the brand’s social channel. Instead of driving fans to view the presentation in a separate window, the Embedly technology plays the Brainshark presentation in an embedded view, similarly to how YouTube videos play on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

By providing fans and followers with a way to watch Brainshark presentations on their social channels, marketers facilitate a more seamless viewing experience from one piece of content to the next, and keep viewers from getting lost in a sea of additional tabs and windows. Also, since the Embedly technology plays Brainshark presentations directly on the social channel it was shared to, fans and followers can take advantage of the comment, share, and like mechanisms that are native to each channel.

Here’s a look at how your Brainshark presentations will look on each social channel.

                      Embedly for FB

         Embedly for LI

Thanks for including us Embedly!

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