10 Ideas for Better Sales Presentation Slides

10 Ideas for Better Sales Presentation Slides
April 16, 2014

10-ideas-for-better-sales-presentation-slides-Kathryn-RoyFact: Not every sales communication requires a slide deck.

Other fact: When you do need to deliver a more formal presentation, your slides better be good.

One of the keys to better sales presentations is to avoid the most common traps many presenters fall into. Recently, Kathryn Roy, Managing Partner at Precision Thinking, published a free eBook designed to help with that very problem.

The eBook, titled Ten Steps to a More Engaging Sales Presentation, is packed with simple tips for creating more impactful, memorable slides, and is definitely worth checking out if you’re tasked with creating presentation content at your company. After reading it, I asked Kathryn a few sales presentation questions of my own. You can see her responses below, and download the full eBook here.

The eBook looks at how to improve common sales presentation issues from a consultant’s perspective. What would you say are the most common problems with sales presentation slides?

I have seen sales presentations run the gamut, from TED-style with just stock photos to the overly wordy. The most common mistakes I find are:

1) people falling prey to the curse of knowledge, incorrectly assuming their prospects have the same detailed technical background that they do, and

2) too much talking about the vendor up front.

Based on your experience, who would you say should be primarily responsible for creating sales presentation slide decks? Marketing? Sales managers? Reps? Graphic designers?

Great question. The answer is based on the type of sales challenge. If a company has a clear differentiation for a well-defined market of prospects that are actively shopping, product marketing can do a great job following the right guidelines. For more difficult challenges – e.g., challenger sales where prospects aren’t actively shopping – it may require a combined effort to marshal the story behind the slides or to come up with a way to convey complex concepts.

In the eBook, you briefly mention that “sharpening messages through development of a sales presentation” can improve business communications and processes in other ways. How so?

Here are two ways. For one, companies get clearer about which personas care about which benefits, and how they would use the system to achieve those benefits. Second, companies find good visuals for pre-empting common objections.

Once again, you can download the full eBook, Ten Steps to a More Engaging Sales Presentation, from the Precision Thinking website. For more tips on creating and delivering better sales presentations, check out this on-demand webinar, Sales Presentations: 6 Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them.

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