How Content Marketers Help Sales Teams Sell [eBook Excerpt]

How Content Marketers Help Sales Teams Sell [eBook Excerpt]
April 23, 2014

The following is a short excerpt from our free Sales Enablement eBook.

These days, buyers spend more time researching products and services before ever engaging with a sales rep. Because of this, it’s more important than ever for marketers to create quality, useful content to help move potential customers through the buying cycle.

Content Marketing Institute reports that creating enough content was among the top challenges for B2B marketing organizations in 2013. To keep up with demands, deliver timely sales tools and help generate more sales opportunities, today’s marketers need a process in place for rapid content creation.

Marketing teams can prepare different types of content for each stage of the B2B sales cycle, for example:

  • Awareness – Attract new potential customers (non-promotional tips and how-tos)

  • Interest – Further the conversation (event invites, webinar teasers, intro presentations)

  • Consideration – Highlight business value (customer testimonials, product demos)

  • Close – Empower new customers (meeting follow-ups, FAQs)

  • Renew – Keep customers informed and supported (product updates, executive announcements)

Marketing teams use multiple formats to deliver these messages, from blog posts and eBooks to webinars and podcasts.

Online video presentations have also become one of the most popular tools for content marketers. Millions of people access online videos every day, and mobile devices like tablets have made it even more convenient for potential customers to view video content anytime, anywhere.

Demand Generation

Perhaps the most direct way marketers use content to enable sales is through demand generation, as these are the programs that better prepare sales reps with new leads and opportunities. Marketers can leverage content to drive more inbound traffic and attract new audiences, encouraging visitors to engage in activities such as:

  • Downloading a whitepaper, eBook or report

  • Registering for a demo or event

  • Viewing an on-demand video presentation

With the help of compelling calls to action and specialized landing pages, marketers can gather contact information from visitors via web forms, guest books or marketing automation software. Those contacts can then be nurtured and qualified through the sales funnel or sent directly to the sales teams, enabling reps to better prepare their communications for the next stages of the selling process.

For more sales enablement insights and ideas, including further details on the role of content marketing, download the complete Sales Enablement eBook.