Trade in Your PowerPoint Bullet Points: How to Create Custom Icons

April 22, 2014 | Sabrina Cote
Trade in Your PowerPoint Bullet Points: How to Create Custom Icons

We’ve heard the question countless times, ‘Do bullet points belong in PowerPoint?

The answer: sometimes.

In many business presentations, it’s essential to show a list of items on a slide to help convey a message. Just because your slide requires a list doesn’t mean you have to be tied to the standard bullet point options – try using icons instead. 

In the tutorial below Bruce Gabrielle, author of Speaking PowerPoint, outlines how to easily create a set of custom icons that complement each other while at the same time add a more engaging visual element to your PowerPoint slide than would the typical bullet points we’re so accustomed to seeing. 

For more PowerPoint tips from Bruce Gabrielle, check out his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter @speakingppt.

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