iPads Still Winning the Enterprise Tablet Race – by a Mile [Report]

iPads Still Winning the Enterprise Tablet Race – by a Mile [Report]
April 3, 2014

ipads-winning-enterprise-tablet-raceBack in early 2012, around the time when the iPad 3 started flying off shelves, investments in business tablets were also reaching an all-time high. At the time, it was reported that the iPad made up a whopping 97% of all enterprise tablet activations in Q1 of that year.

Part of this was no doubt in response to BYOD trends across industries – particularly in the financial services sector – as businesses found that more and more employees were using their personal tablets for work purposes, whether the company liked it or not. This was certainly true with B2B salespeople, as the light-weight, easy-to-travel-with iPad became the preferred device for many reps in the field.

Fast-forward to today, and not much has changed (despite predictions that the iPad’s run of enterprise dominance was coming to a close). A recent report by Good Technology shows that while the iPad has loosened its grip just a little on the enterprise tablet market (I mean, 97% is pretty tough to sustain), it still maintains a dominant lead over the competition. According to the report, the iPad made up more than 91% of total enterprise tablet activations in Q4 2013, so while Android has made some progress, it’s still hardly putting a dent in the pristine sheen of the Apple.

“Android tablets and smartphones combined represent only 26% of device activations in Good's data set,” writes Michael Endler for Information Week. “This indicates not only that enterprise iPad adoption trounced corporate uptake of Android tablets, but that iPads alone accounted for nearly as many device activations as all Android devices of all form factors, smartphones included.”

In fact, of the 2,000+ companies monitored for the report, the iOS maintained a 73% share of enterprise mobile devices. As Apple Insider’s Daniel Eran Dilger reports, Good Technology attributed some of this to the release of the new iPhone, but really the overall popularity of the iPad with consumers is the biggest factor driving enterprise adoption.

The iPad has already become a valuable presentation tool for mobile workers and sales reps. Now with Microsoft’s recent release of Office for iPad, businesses (and business users) may have even more incentive to bring iPads to the enterprise.

A few other takeaways from the Good Technology report:

  • In terms of devices, iOS actually makes up the top 10 most popular devices among mobile users (this includes both smartphones and tablets).

  • While enterprise use of Android tablets has grown since 2012, the report states that more recently, the overall share of Android activations has actually decreased quarter-over-quarter.

  • As we saw the past few years, financial services remains the most active industry when it comes to iPad adoption at more than 48% of total activation in Q4. The next closest industry is made up of business and professional services companies at 13%.

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