Is Shorter Content the Key to Better Online Sales Training?

Is Shorter Content the Key to Better Online Sales Training?
April 28, 2014

In a recent article about onboarding new reps with online sales training, MindTickle’s Mogit Garg shares four components for a successful program.

Number one on the list? Choosing the right content.

As Mogit writes, when it comes to training, “doing it online is an entirely different thing from doing it face-to-face inside a room. You can’t expect them to sit down for two hours or read text-intensive slides. It will only bore employees to death.”

In other words, when empowering sales reps to train online, lots of shorter, engaging content is typically more effective than hour-long presentations or multi-page PDFs. Mogit recommends breaking your training up by creating a detailed outline first, than identifying smaller topics to deliver via “rich content such as illustrations of short videos.”

In eLearning, these shorter pieces are known as learning modules, which Chris Bennett defines simply for eLearning Magazine as “an individual, focused lesson that represents a smaller portion of a longer course.” The length of these sessions can vary. Bennett considers 15-30 minutes to be the sweet spot for eLearning modules, while others now choose to cut things down even further in the 4-to-8 minute range (or sometimes even less).

Of course, the type of audience you’re training can impact the length of your learning content. A 15-minute session may be an effective resource when onboardng new hires who are still devoting most of their time to learning the ropes. Existing reps who are short on time, however, will likely benefit from shorter bites of content that they can access when they need to, without cutting into their work productivity.

On this blog, we talk a lot about the value of online video for sales, marketing, and of course, training. In all cases, it enables you to deliver more information concisely and increase retention. And as with the length of video marketing content, online training presentations typically follow the rule of “shorter is better.”  

When creating video content for online sales training, the benefits can go beyond the format itself. Video-based training presentations can also boost engagement through interactive quizzes and games, and the right system can enable you to track completion of your training content to learn more about how reps are viewing (or not viewing) your resources.

For more advice on building better online sales training programs, check out the full article at MindTickle. You can also view some of the success stories below to see how other companies have found training success through the use of online video for eLearning.

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