Video Content Ranks High with Technology Marketers [Report]

Video Content Ranks High with Technology Marketers [Report]
April 1, 2014

New research shows that technology companies have made video a key part of their content marketing strategies in 2014.

video-content-ranks-high-with-technology-marketersThe use of online video content has been on the rise with B2B content marketers for several years now, increasing 15% from 2011 to 2013 according to data from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). Based on the latest numbers, you might wonder if technology companies are influencing that surge in usage all by themselves.

A new study conducted by CMI and MarketingProfs looks specifically at how tech marketers are utilizing content marketing in their organizations. According to the 2014 Technology Content Marketing Trends report, online video is among the top three most popular marketing tactics, with a whopping 86% now using video to fuel their strategies (even more popular than blogs). By comparison, last year’s report on B2B content marketers in general listed video at a 73% usage rate.

So why is video content so hot with tech marketers?

One reason could be confidence in the format as a whole. The CMI report shows that video ranks second on the list of content tactics that are most effective for technology marketers. First on that list? Webinars and webcasts, which are basically the first cousins of traditional on-demand video resources.

Another reason tech marketers are so high on video content is that it generally provides a more effective way of delivering complex concepts. After all, technology-related content can at times be… well… technical. So it makes sense that video and webinar content – where company reps can show rather than simply tell – would be a hot commodity in the tech space.

Some other interesting takeaways from the CMI report:

  • While confidence in its effectiveness is a bit low, social media marketing is booming with tech companies. With a usage of 91% among those surveyed, it’s easily the most popular content tactic with tech marketers. Similarly, YouTube is the third most popular social channel (coming in just ahead of Facebook), while Vimeo comes in at a respectable eighth.

  • Tech marketers outsource more content than other B2Bs, with 74% citing writing as the function they outsource most often. This actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. While marketers at tech companies need a strong understanding of product value and target audiences, they are very rarely technology experts themselves, making them less than ideal candidates for writing authoritative content. It makes much more sense to look to recruit external writers with more expertise in the space.

  • An impressive 78% of technology marketers say that they’re producing more content than they did a year ago. This is similar to the growth we see across all industries, as more companies embrace content and inbound marketing as key components of their overall strategies. It also shows that when done well, content marketing really does work.

For more insight into how technology marketers are using content marketing, check out the full report at the CMI website. You can also visit our tech industry page to see how tech companies use Brainshark to boost demand generation and create more effective sales enablement tools.

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