5 Types of Videos to Fuel Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Types of Videos to Fuel Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
April 8, 2014

Everywhere you look, experts are predicting that video will be a top social media trend again this year, but they’re not the only ones placing added emphasis on social video. Top social media channels are showing their commitment to video in the form of platform updates that more prominently feature video – like Facebook’s introduction of auto-play videos in its newsfeed, Twitter’s Vine and many more. 

It’s important to have a strategy in place to guide the video creation process so you have the right variety of content for all your social media channels. Here’s a breakdown of five types of videos to fuel your social media marketing strategy along with some examples from our own channels for inspiration.   

1. Short-form video

The emergence of Vine's six-second videos ushered in a wave of short-form video content. Since then, marketers have really latched onto the trend and have taken the concept to other social channels.

Brands have been busy creating short-form video content ranging from six seconds to one minute as a way to showcase their products (like Oreo did with their Cookie Chronicles YouTube playlist), and often as a means of conveying humor.

Check out our take on short form video in this spoof on Geico’s popular ‘Hump Day’ commercial in honor of Shark Week:

2. Webinar and event video invitations

As noted in ON24’s Webinar Benchmarks Report, driving webinar registrations remains one of the greatest challenges for marketers. Social media promotion is an important complement to email campaigns to help drive more webinar registrations, and since social media is becoming increasingly visual in nature, video invitations are a perfect option.

Video invitations are not only more engaging than text-based invitations (making them ideal for social media), but video can also include an interactive element to collect pre-event feedback from registrations and serve as a repository for all materials related to that webinar or event.

Take a look at the video invitation below from our recent webinar, Extreme Makeover: PowerPoint Edition, and check out this guide for creating your own webinar and event invitations with video.

3. Video testimonials

Customer testimonials are valuable pieces of content for fueling sales conversations and posting to your website, but don’t forget about your social media channels as well. Prospects, potential employees and the community at large scope out a brand’s social presence to see the human side of the company.

While text-based case studies have their place, when it comes to showcasing customer stories via social media, video testimonials are a great way to go. By giving your customers the opportunity to tell the story of how they use your products and services in their own voice, you’re able to create a level of authenticity that transcends a traditional text-based case study. 

Below is a customer testimonial featuring video footage of Darin Wilson from Galderma sharing how he and his team use Brainshark, but you can also create a video testimonial using PowerPoint and audio voiceover from your customers without even having to pick up a video camera. Check out this guide for how to get started.

4. Tips and tricks videos

As social media continues to evolve, more and more customers are turning to social media for support and how-to assistance. This is another perfect opportunity to introduce more video to your social channels.

Create bite-sized tips and tricks videos to help your customers be more successful with your products, and also develop this type of content around general areas of interest within your industry to establish your company as a thought leader and reliable source of information. In addition to sharing this content on your social media channels as it’s created, you can also build YouTube playlists around popular topics to serve as a resource viewers can refer back to. 

Since a number of our customers use PowerPoint with our products, we created a series of PowerPoint tips videos like the one below, and featured them in a playlist on our YouTube channel. You can also film short tips and tricks videos featuring advice from experts who spoke at your events, like this one with Kerry Jankelow of LinkedIn.

5. Product demo videos

Another valuable type of video for social media is the product demo video. Put your products in the social media spotlight by sharing posts that highlight key features and how users can benefit from them. Always remember to add a relevant call to action at the end of product demo videos so viewers on your social channels know where they should go next for more information.

Here’s a video presentation we created to highlight a new SlideShark Team Edition feature called SlideShark Anywhere:

For more video marketing tips and ideas to fuel your social media marketing strategy, visit our Video Marketing Resource Page!

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