Marketing in the Mobile-Social-Video Age [Report]

Marketing in the Mobile-Social-Video Age [Report]
August 11, 2014

As the popularity of video marketing continues to rise, its fire is only fueled by the simultaneously booming mobile and social media marketing spaces. Collectively, they have transformed the way customers receive information and, as a result, have challenged businesses to adapt in order to effectively reach and engage their target audiences.

Consider these stats:

  • 91% of U.S. brand and agency marketers view social media as the most effective way to distribute and share videos, articles, and blogs

  • 72.1 million smartphone users watched video on their devices at least monthly in 2013, and this is projected to rise to 86.8 million in 2014

  • Online consumers who view product videos are up to 85% more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t

Our latest report, Marketing in the Social-Mobile-Video Age, examines these trends and illustrates how marketers are keeping pace. For example, Gartner’s 2014 Digital Marketing Spending Survey reveals that the highest 2014 budget increases will go to digital advertising, mobile marketing, digital commerce and corporate website marketing.

Budgets aside, digital marketers can harness this shift in preferred content mediums and channels by making easily sharable videos and inbound marketing tactics a greater part of their overall strategy.

For a more in-depth look at these trends and the subsequent business implications and recommendations for marketers, download the full report

Marketing in the Social-Mobile-Video Age