New Brainshark Awards Ceremony: “The Rockstars”

New Brainshark Awards Ceremony: “The Rockstars”
December 5, 2014

Last year we introduced the Rockstar Administrator category as part of the annual Sharkie Awards, which produced five well-deserving winners. This year, we’re not only repeating the category, we’re separating it from the Sharkies and building a whole new awards ceremony!

The Rockstar Awards were created to recognize outstanding Brainshark use from company administrators (Rockstar Admin Award) as well as companies as a whole (Business Impact Award).

Let’s break down the two categories.

Rockstar Company Administrator Award

Company Administrators are the backbone to every Brainshark account. Not only do they manage the overall account settings, they also determine where content is stored, create users, and run site-wide reports. The administrator’s dedication is directly correlated to the account’s success, and we want to recognize those who go above and beyond to ensure stellar use from their Authors.

Judging for the Rockstar Company Administrator Award will be based on the following criteria:

  • Has been a Company Administrator for at least one year

  • Actively participates in Brainshark events

  • Employs creative ways to let their company know about Brainshark

  • Has coordinated a Brainshark Private User Group meeting

  • Demonstrates annual growth in authors, views, and presentations created

Business Impact Award

Every company uses Brainshark differently, but all strive to use it to its fullest. This year we’re looking to tip our cap to the company whose success story stands out. We want to find those who just can’t live without Brainshark, who have become dependent on it to drive their company forward and, most importantly, who have the stats to back it up and prove the worth of the Brainshark solution.

Judging for the Business Impact Award will be based on the following criteria:

  • The company has been using Brainshark for over a year

  • Uses Brainshark to improve or accomplish its goals

  • Has proven metrics for measuring success or ROI

  • Additional comments you feel we should know that may accentuate your company’s story and make it stand out

  • (Optional) Provide a link to a Brainshark that exhibits the business impact the solution has had on your company

Anyone can submit a nomination for either of the two categories – authors, Brainshark employees, as well as Company Administrators. Visit the Awards Page to submit your nomination before the January 16, 2015 deadline. Winners will be chosen by Brainshark’s Customer Care team and announced in March.