Rank Your Reps: How Prepared Are They for Meetings?

Rank Your Reps: How Prepared Are They for Meetings?
December 3, 2014

A recent Forrester Research report demonstrated that when it comes to successful sales meetings, sellers and buyers are not on the same page. While most sales reps believe they’re doing quite well, buyers are less than impressed at the quality of their sales meetings.

In fact, executive buyers consider only 19% of the meetings they have with salespeople to be a valuable use of their time. Meanwhile, salespeople give themselves A’s in their self-assessments for understanding the buyer’s issues and where their company’s solutions can help.

Are you aware of how prepared and effective your reps are in their sales meetings? We’ve created a self-assessment survey that will help you understand where your reps may be falling short and how you can help them succeed.

Take the survey below to see how your reps rank with their peers, find out what buyers are actually looking for, and learn how to ensure that your reps are delivering on those expectations.

You'll also be able to access a complimentary copy of the Forrester Research report, How Prepared Do Sales Reps Think They Are?, as well as other sales enablement resources!