What are Your Top Sales Training Challenges? [Infographic]

December 17, 2014 | Ann Lambert
What are Your Top Sales Training Challenges? [Infographic]

Live training. Mobile training. Video training. Any way you spin it, sales training professionals are facing some serious challenges getting through to reps. So much so that 40% of those we surveyed would rather deal with their computer crashing than a disengaged trainee (woah).

So what’s the solution?

According to our 2014 State of Sales Training report, organizations have experimented with a variety of formats and channels for delivering sales training to reps.  While their challenges range from technical difficulties and content quality to scheduling issues and reps’ inability to focus, one thing rings true: the majority plan to attack the issue in 2015 by investing more in on-demand training technology.

For more on the current state of sales training, check out the infographic below and download the full report here. For information on how Brainshark helps with sales training and onboarding, click here.

2014 State of Sales Training Infographic

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