Top Sales Enablement Posts of 2014

Top Sales Enablement Posts of 2014
December 15, 2014

2014 has been an exciting year for sales enablement—a hot topic both at Brainshark and in the B2B world in general. With buyers that are more informed than ever, there is a deep need for reps to be prepared with the tools and content that will engage prospects in meaningful conversations. Translation: effective sales enablement has never been more critical.

 Year in Review: The Top Sales Enablement Posts of 2014

Before we dive headfirst into 2015, we thought we’d take a look back at the top ten sales enablement posts of this year on the Brainshark Ideas Blog. The list below is full of great ideas from influential sales enablement thought leaders, tips for effectively preparing your sales force, and advice for the right and wrong ways to enable reps. Enjoy!

#1. The Number 1 Reason Sales Reps Fail to Hit Quota? Survey Says…

There are many reasons why sales reps may not reach their quota. This post explores one crucial issue and how it can be addressed.

#2. 5 Expert Tips to Increase Channel Sales Performance

Check out these channel sales resources from around the web, with ideas for giving your partner selling program the jumpstart it needs to succeed.

#3. Time to Ditch the Pitch? The Shift to the Sales Conversation

The term “pitch” can sometimes conjure up a negative image of salespeople; but is there an alternative?  This article explains why the sales conversation is an approach worth trying.

#4. 3 Reasons Content Marketers Fail at Sales Enablement

Sales enablement has now become a common responsibility for many B2B content marketers. So why do so many of these strategies seem to struggle? Here are 3 explanations.

#5. Sales Enablement at Dreamforce: 14 Buzzworthy Tweets from #DF14

Sales enablement was a big topic at Dreamforce 2014. Here is just a sampling of the top tweets that circulated throughout the 4-day conference.

#6. Why Marketers Need to Create Conversations – Not Just Content

Sales enablement was a popular theme at Content Marketing World 2014 as well. This post summarizes a focal point of the conference: how can marketers enable sales reps with the content that really matters?

#7. 3 Ideas to Accelerate Onboarding for Sales Productivity

Accenture identified the need to “apply more science to sales talent acquisition, development and retention.” Find out what that means for training practices at your company.

#8. What’s the Most Important Aspect of Training New Sales Hires?

In this post, sales experts share their thoughts on the most critical thing to focus on when onboarding new B2B sales reps.

#9. 3 Ideas to Make Your Sales Enablement Efforts Succeed

There’s a lot talk about the right and wrong way to enable sales reps. Inspired by a Salesforce blog post on why sales enablement efforts will fail, here are some ideas for ensuring they succeed.

#10. What are Random Acts of Sales Support?

As sales enablement has grown more popular, other phrases like “random acts of sales enablement” have made their way into the lexicon as well. So what are these random acts?

The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Enablement Content