Hello^* My Name Is – Group Manager

February 17, 2014 | Kristin Simonini
Hello^* My Name Is – Group Manager

I’m sure by now you have all heard about our amazing Analytics Dashboard, introduced last month to the sounds of cheers and whistles from all over the world.  What? You missed it?!  That’s OK.  Check out our blog post on that update and add a little awesome to your day.

One of the personas available from the dashboard is that of the Group Manager, but you may not be aware of what a Group Manager is, or how one can be identified as such.  Look no further!  Our friends in Help & Training put together a mini-tutorial on how to assign Group Managers in your Brainshark site.   

  • In summary, Group Managers are assigned to your Brainshark groups and these individuals can see statistics on how their team is using content and what kind of viewing activity they are responsible for.  This is a great way to give managers insight into the activity of their team and potentially make some correlations between someone’s success and the content they are utilizing and sharing.

    As always we welcome your feedback and input on this and other features so feel free to reach us at support@brainshark.com to share your ideas.

    Learn More About the Analytics Dashboard

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