SAP Enhances Content Creation Efficiency with Cloud-Based eLearning [Q&A]

SAP Enhances Content Creation Efficiency with Cloud-Based eLearning [Q&A]
February 11, 2014

cloud-based-elearning-enhances-content-creation-efficiency-and-scalabilityWith experts predicting that cloud-based training will become the norm for the future of eLearning, organizations continue to seek more convenient ways to educate their employees. Additionally, business leaders are making it a priority to identify a more efficient means of creating and managing their eLearning content to improve scalability and effectiveness of their programs. 

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Melissa Rittenhouse, Director of Global Presales Readiness at SAP, about her experience using Brainshark to create eLearning content and what steered her to turn to cloud-based eLearning. 

Prior to Brainshark, what was the process for creating new eLearning courses and what was the typical timeframe for course creation?

Melissa Rittenhouse: Prior to Brainshark, we were using various applications to develop eLearning assets, none of which met our needs for easily combining voice and PowerPoint with video recordings in a single asset.  The typical timeframe for asset development was 1-2 months. 

What challenges did you and your team face that led you to shift your eLearning content creation to Brainshark?

MR: The applications used to create the learning assets were not cloud-based and frequently resulted in a very time consuming and difficult installation process across hundreds of potential subject matter experts. We could not find a solution that supported the development of both voice-over PowerPoint and video in the same tool.   

Trying to bring the two separate assets together into a single eLearning asset with a consistent level of quality was nearly impossible.  As a result, the timeframe to deliver eLearning assets was far too great and was not meeting expectations of the business.

How has Brainshark helped alleviate those challenges, and what does your course creation process look like now?

MR: Brainshark has allowed us to truly scale our eLearning development by supporting easy combination of voice, PowerPoint and video.  Since it is a cloud solution, there is no installation required by our asset developers and our hundreds of content providers.

Authors have found Brainshark easy to use and they can quickly upload presentations and videos. The guest speaker capability allows our subject matter experts to easily record audio with no training or preparation needed.  We are now able to create an eLearning asset in days vs. weeks or months.

Our eLearning assets have a typical life of 6-9 months before becoming outdated. Brainshark allows us to quickly and easily update presentations, slide by slide, without having to “redo” the entire presentation as we had previously done.      

Do you and your team have a particularly favorite Brainshark feature(s)?

MR: The guest speaker capability is extremely beneficial as it allows us to use a large community of global subject matter experts who merely need to remotely dial into Brainshark by phone anytime, anywhere and record their presentations. The ease by which presentations can be updated on a slide-by-slide basis is highly valuable as our content is rapidly changing due to changes in the business. With an increased focus on making presentations more engaging for the viewer, capabilities such as question slides and VideoSync will be very helpful as well.   

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